Monday, September 5, 2016

Ballon Festival 2016 a few came our way

Happy Labor Day!

  Just my usual day off- as I don't work on Sunday or Monday. We had a good day though! Bobs Mom and Dad had a barbecue and we had a good time.
 I made my Remembrance Cookies today for September 11th, and  Laurie's BD, can't believe she and my Dad have been gone for 5 years - Laurie in October and Daddy in December! Time flies in so many ways, slow for some things in my life and too fast in other parts of my life!
We had a beautiful hot and sunny day! I am looking forward to 70's but not winter!
The Balloons a few came our way so I thought I would share. 3 of them landed over at the Golf Course and the orange one over on the street a few blocks over. We usually luck out at least one day during the festival to see them come up this way.

Have a great week!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Time sure flies, snow on Pikes Peak this morning and cards I am working on

Hello Everyone,

   Summer has flown by! Work has been busy! Today I took a walk down to the park and took a bunch of photos- Snow on Pikes Peak. We had a big rainstorm with lots of thunder and lightning and up on Pikes Peak it was snow- we received 1 1/2" of rain. No hail! We have had a bad hail season here we just had a big storm a few weeks ago and a lot of my co workers had their houses trashed and their cars totaled. We were lucky this time!
  I have been making a lot of digital cards and I made some cards and tags to print for 4th of July and now for Patriot Day.
I am making cards and tags for an event in my hometown in Owego, NY. October 1st. One of my school friends is holding their annual event in memory of their Granddaughter Sarah. 
I will also make a locket to add to the basket. The event will be at the new dog park. They have the best dog grooming place I have ever seen.  Cuddlebugs. They take the cutest photos of dog clients and they are held and cuddled- what a wonderful experience for the dogs when getting groomed!
I hope everyone enjoyed their summer!


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More cards and Tags I have been having a lot of fun!

Here are some more of the cards and tags I have been working on. The man in the one tag is my Great Uncle he was married to Jenny my Great Grandmother Minnie's Sister- who my facebook page and my second Etsy shop is named for. I hope you enjoy what I have been learning along the way! I am going to make some pennant banners with the Vintage Photo ones shown here.

I have been having fun in PSE and finally learning more here are some pics of what I have been creating

Hello All,

I hope your winter has been ok and Spring will be here soon! We just had a big snowstorm on Groundhogs Day weekend. We actually had a day off as there was too much snow to plow at work with the ATV's. We had 12-14" in our yard and our street was a mess. It is finally melting off! That was the most snow at one time here in Colorado Springs in a long time!
I have sold some items to a shop in PA and some of these cards will be made into greeting cards for them- so this isn't the finished product.  I did get the tags done and sent some out with the Valentine's I made. I will do in 2-3 posts to keep the scrolling down to minimum. I hope you like how I am progressing! Have a great week! Bob's Grandma Lucy is 99 today and I made her 2 cute cards on facebook as I have lost my voice so I can't call her. Bobs Mom Sally will relay my Happy Birthday wishes to her! XO Linda