Monday, September 8, 2014

September is a time for joy, a time for sorrow and a time to remember

As we start the second week of September. Some things come to mind, some are sorrowful and some are joyful. I am happy, grateful and full of joy as my Granddaughter Ayanna will be 17  on Friday the 12th. I am joyful as Fall is coming and the changes of the Season with it. I get a heavy heart when I remember September 11, 2001. I remember that day as well as my Grandparents and my parents remembered WW11. I remember my late sister in law Laurie's Birthday and wish she was still with us. I remember September 19th this year's POW/MIA Day, Remembering those who never came home. September is a month of joy and sorrow. I choose to be Joyful, Thankful, Grateful and remember.

Have a great week! XO Linda

Monday, September 1, 2014

Announcing my Second Etsy Shop Grand Opening

Hello All,
  I just openend another Etsy Shop. Minnies Vintage Shop. Named for my Great Grandmother Minnie. I have some items listed and more of course to do. I have my Vintage Photos scanned and ready for download and will be listing more attic treasures as I go through my items. I am offering a coupon for the month  of September. So check me out! or just click on my Shop icon on the sidebar for either shop. newshop15
I hope you are having a great Labor Day! Have a wonderful week!!
Hugs, Linda

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Balloon Classic 2014 a few came our way, Savannah and Ms or Mr Skunk funny wildlife camera photo

Hello Blog Friends,
 It is possible that this is the last year for the Balloon Classic in Colorado Springs due to city politics. I did manage to get a few photos this morning as the sun was getting brighter. Merlin actually saw them from the kitchen window. LOL! I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend so far! I hope you enjoy my photos of the balloons. Also here is Savannah on the mysterious Purr Pad I got at Petsmart. She is hard to get a photo of And last but not least what Mr or Ms Skunk thinks of our wildlife camera. Hugs Linda

Friday, August 1, 2014

August Sale in my Etsy Shop 15% Off

Sale in my Etsy shop- I will be listing more too 15% off. Use code AUGUST15
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello Blog Friends Here is Savannah the Birthday Party Kitty and the bird feeder repaired

Hello Blog Friends

 I hope all is going well for you! We were so hot here and now this week we are getting rain. So anyone living near the burn scars have to worry about flooding. We had a strange event the other night. Our big bird feeder is wrought iron with arms. It was bent down to the ground, all of the feeders were strewn all over the yard and the main part of the feeder was halfway to the garage. Every feeder was picked clean. Then the gross part was blood on the sidewalk etc. We finally concluded that a deer jumped the fence and ran into the feeder and then got loose, ate all of the seed and then left. The birds and the squirrels were sitting on the fence looking at the empty spot and if they could talk they would say- where is our food? Bob got it all fixed and put back up. Sunday we bought a wildlife camera to see what goes on. Last night all we got was a cat walking through. Here is Savannah's Birthday Photos. She is clearly the black Grumpy cat! Here is the feeder fixed with a try out photo from our wildlife camera. I hope you all have a great week! XO Linda

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Texas Trip and a photo we found at Tara's

Hello Blogging Friends,
  This summer has flown by! Tara was home for most of June, the longest since she left for the Air Force at 19. We drove to San Antonio on the 22nd. We made it in 1 day, a long day!
  Tara and I took a wine tour of Fredericksburg. It was great! The tour company picked us up at Tara's home. There is a  photo of Angie our tour guide. There were 6 people on the shuttle. We went to 4 wineries and then had lunch and toured Fredericksburg. A busy little town, the countryside reminds me a lot of upstate NY and the mountains of PA. Tara and I went back to Greune, Texas and toured the little Winery there. Winery on the Greune. They had the best wine and we bought some to take home. We had a delicious lunch at the Gristmill again. It is in an old cotton gin as well as one of the wineries in Fredericksburg. They had a delicious Sangria made from Peter Vella Wines, rose and Chablis. I had a really nice time. Except for the sad circumstances of why Tara was here, it was so nice to have my Daughter here for almost a month! I found this photo of my Mom and Dad from 1975, their 25th Anniversary with the Anniversary Silver Dollars my Grandparents gave them. Bob and I have them now and I bought a frame as I don't know why my brother took them out of the frame. I am going to put the silver dollars in there with photos of who has had them. We are the 3rd of our family to get them. Tara and Derrick will get them next! I hope you enjoy my photos and talk to you soon! I also scored a nice lot of Vintage Photos from Nancy of SugarlumpStudios on Etsy! Yes I hoard them! XO Linda

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hello All busy with Family, Happy Fathers Day!

Hello Blog Friends,

  We've been busy here- Tara, Derrick and the girls are here as well as Oreo the Grand Dog!. We had the Memorial Service for her Dad last Friday June 6th. It was a very nice service and the music was outstanding. Eric would've loved it! The Military Honors were done outside the church and it was emotional and beautiful! Bagpipes and Taps always make me cry. So many of Eric's old friends were there and the music community came out to honor one of their own. I enjoyed seeing a lot of old friends and family. My former sister in laws and I had a wonderful visit. Karen, Eric's younger sister was able to go downtown to the park where they have a fountain called Uncle Wilbur. Eric wrote and played the Tuba music. The music plays every 15 minutes and then the sprinklers come on for the kids.
I have a funny story to share about Oreo. She went to my in laws to play with Quinn their Boston who is
only a few months older than Oreo. Oreo is a maltipoo and her legs are short, Quinn has long legs for a Boston. They were running all over the yard having a great time and Quinn jumped over Papa and Sally's Koi pond. Oreo thought she could too but landed in it. Everyone thought it was so funny! I told Tara that Quinn knew Oreo would not make it and dog laughed the rest of the day over it. I will talk to you all soon! Have a wonderful rest of the month! Photos- A Deer relaxing and munching at Eric's home after his Memorial Service, My Daddy in  the car with the VFW guys, the one waving is Daddy, Savannah and Merlin checking out Oreo's travel apartment.Daddy in the late 60's he was a Sheriff's Deputy and Oreo with her Cowgirl Hat. They come out to see her but won't play. Hugs from me, Linda

Monday, May 12, 2014

Merlin and Bob are 2 Years Old Now! The Happy Birthday Kitties!

Hello Blog Friends, I hope you all had a nice Mother's Day! We went to breakfast with Papa and Mom Sally my in laws. For My Birthday and Mother's Day. It was nice. Typical Spring in Colorado, nice one day and snow the next. Mostly on the grass for us but West and North of town got 10-15". To be 80 this weekend. Here are the photos of Bob and Merlin, the Happy Birthday Kitties! Love these boys they are 2 now and Savannah will be 2 in July. Have a wonderful week! XO Linda


Monday, April 28, 2014

Tara's Daddy has gone to Heaven

 It is with great sadness I share, that my former husband a musical genius as my brother put it. Eric Saffell, Tara's Daddy has gone to heaven. He passed away Saturday afternoon. When I went to see him on Friday night he was not responding. I sat with him for awhile and
told him sweet dreams. It is a sad time for our family. His Memorial service will be sometime in May. My son in law Derrick his Mom is still in ICU she had 2 heart valves replaced and then had an additional emergency surgery on Friday. So our family is still in need of Prayers! Here is a photo of Eric from the summer of 1975, Tara was 7 months old when her Uncle David tragically passed away at 19. Here is a more recent photo of him playing in the Brass Band here in town. Eric was a graduate of St Olaf College in Minnesota. He served with the USAF Academy band for 20 years and most of those years he ran the Rock Band Blue Steel. He was an amazing piano and keyboard player and he also played the tuba, and taught music lessons. He will be greatly missed by all! He has been a part of my life for 42 years.