Sunday, November 16, 2014

Changed up my blog look, Oliver's story, Vintage Photo Share

Hello Blog Friends,

   I changed up my blog look today. I added photos of the K-3 and a nice photo of Oliver. He was absent most of the week as we had terrible cold, below normal and snow here. We knew he was over in the cat colony safe. He came running over today when he saw us pull up from the store. He was so happy to see us! He adores Bob. It is so funny he gets up on the tool box in the garage and puts his paws on Bob's shoulders and looks at him, then he takes his paws and pats his hat. I found out his story from Kim. She is the owner of the cat colony. He was dumped off and one of the neighbors took him in, they did not give him much of a chance as their other cats did not like him. He took him to the humane society. His breed is unusual he is a Norwegian Forest Bob Tail Cat. He has big paws and prances when he runs. They said he was not adoptable as he stuck his claws out at them. Seriously! They called Kim and said since he was found by the colony if she did not take him, they would put him down. He is very loving, but does have sharp claws. He has food and a cat bed in the garage also, we leave Jinx cat's old cat door open for him. We are going to co-parent with Kim on him for now as he needs to be checked out by our vet, before I would let him in near the K-3. So maybe he will live with us some time, for now he eats here and is looking so much better since we have been feeding him. I hope you have a great week! XO Linda

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Veteran's Day to all who served and to my family! Big weather change!

Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served past and present and to my Family also. We had a gorgeous Fall day yesterday! Now the front that came through Alaska is coming down to all of us! To be cold, winds are up already and maybe the "s" word. I am not ready for snow yet!! My Veteran's Day Family Collage- Honoring my family starting with my Daddy Willard (Bill) Edwards Jr, My mom in 2 of the photos with Daddy, V.Irene Edwards, My daughter retired Msgt USAF Tara Saffell McCraw, my son in law Msgt Retired USAF Derrick McCraw, Tara's Daddy who passed away earlier this year- Eric Saffell retired Msgt USAF from the USAF Academy Band and last but not least my brother Jay Edwards who served four years in the USAF Academy Drum & Bugle Corps. 2 photos of the front coming in for our big weather change!! Have a great week! I am so excited I am also doing my first swap, A Christmas Ornament Exchange! Baby steps I will try more if this works out well! XO Linda

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween Early! Halloween Collages of the K-3 Kitties, Oliver our Feral and a Vintage Photo

It's Halloween Week! Don't you remember growing up how much fun it was to wear a costume, go to a
parade and then trick or treat? I grew up in a small town, Owego, NY. We had a Halloween parade, cider, donuts and then the kids all trick or treated. In those days we didn't have much to worry about! Now that I am a grown up, I think back on how much fun we had. The movie Theater had a Halloween Costume contest and played the old scary Vampire, Frankenstein movies an all day marathon! I still like Halloween and hope the kids get to experience some of what we did in our youth. We have a new kitty visits us 2 times a day for a meal. We call him Oliver. He lives in the Feral cat colony. I don't believe he is a real Feral cat as he is very loving. I made a collage of him for Halloween. Here is a new one of the K-3 Bob, Savannah and Merlin. They did not want to wear the new Halloween hat and collar, oh well! It is a good thing I can just use a photo editor for the hats! LOL!  I also had fun with this Vintage photo. Happy Halloween to you all! Hugs from me, Linda

Friday, October 24, 2014

We did our Memorial Balloons, A beautiful Fall Day lots of photos,the Eclipse

Happy Fall to my blog friends! It is hard to believe October is almost gone! We did our Memorial Balloons on Sunday the 19th. In honor and Memory of my Mom, Laurie, Bob's Sister, Uncle Bert. And I have added 1 for Daddy and now 1 for Eric my former husband. I have a little story- I broke my quarter moon stained glass and found this lady on the west side of Colorado Springs that does stained glass. I met with her a week ago. She was telling me about her former husband and how he was in the nursing home close to death. I told her about Eric my former husband. Her name is Linda also and her last name is Willard, my Dads name. Her former husband passed away on Friday. They were like Eric and I good friends, even after they divorced and they had children together so they remained close. I think we were destined to meet! My new moon is beautiful! I will include a photo. I had a sticky note with the moon dimensions and I had written a note to myself to get balloons for Sunday. She saw my notes and made me a lavender and a yellow balloon. I am trying to think what I want to make for her, something special as a gift. I have photos of Pikes Peak on Sunday October 19, 2014 which was a beautiful sunny Colorado day, compared to last weekend which looked like winter! I am happy because I choose to be, sad as I miss my parents more than words can say! We all know life goes on no matter what! I can't believe my Mom has been gone for 9 years! I have to say I woke up on the 22nd and I could still hear the phone call from my Daddy. I know they are in Heaven and we will meet again! 
Work is slowing down as it is fall and Motorcycle sales drop. We had a nice lunch today. We had burgers cooked on the grill with all of the fixings! Yummy! I did not eat last night or this
morning in order to eat! I have lost 15 pounds cutting out excess salt, sugar and carbs. I eat
what I want on Sunday's. I hope you enjoy my beautiful Colorado photos and our Memorial Balloons. Nancy Lewis Park is where we go and the ducks were so cute, quacking around the pond. Also there was a Lily still and a few more buds. Our Lillie's are done for the year. It is a nice peaceful park to go to.The Eclipse photo was taken with a phone through a telescope. One of our service guys has an awesome telescope and he brought it in so we could all see the Eclipse. And if you live in Texas, LOL! watch out my Granddaughter Ayanna got her drivers license yesterday! :) Hugs, Linda


Monday, October 13, 2014

My Friend in PA Halloween Decor and the Bulldogs Dog Show at the park down the street

Happy Monday! My friend in PA goes all out for Halloween! They made the wood cutouts, pretty clever and they have cool lights at night! This is just a small sample of their yard decor! I walked down to the park and there was a little dog show with bulldogs. So cute! Have a great week! Hugs, Linda


Fall is here but today looks like Winter!

Happy Fall, but today looks like Winter!! Sunday morning woke up to a crew of 7 roofers to get the roof done. Was a little surprised as the contractor said Monday. But they came and got it 99% done. Looks great! They put my directv dish back up and Bob adjusted it just in time to watch the 2nd half of my Dallas Cowboys game. They won too! I was pretty happy!! I will do this in 2 posts, the Pikes Peak photos first then the little dog show that was at the park on the corner for the next post The Pikes Peak photos with the hospital in the foreground were taken from the park down the street. The ones from the golf course were from the Patty Jewett deck of the clubhouse as we went for breakfast there on Sunday. Have a great week! Hugs, Linda


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy October, Some Fall photos from home and Happy Birthday to my Mom in Heaven

Hello Blog Friends, how did October come so quickly! Fall is here but in Colorado we have had a mix of cool fall days and summer like weather. We are to get rain on Thursday from hurricane Simon. I put a message on our friend in NY's page and told him he was a hurricane- he laughed. I have some older Fall photos from my hometown of  Owego, NY. Today October 8th is my Moms Birthday. She would have been 84! They say time heals, but I miss my Mom today as much if not more. Even though 9 years have passed, since she was called back to Heaven. Bobs sister Laurie October 11, is her 3rd Angelversary, my Moms 9th Angelversary  is October 22nd. We will do our annual Balloons to Heaven on October 19th. Laurie asked me to continue doing this  tradition and do them for her too before she passed away. We do them for Mom, Bob's Uncle Bert who passed away the same day as my Mom, Laurie and we do Daddy as December is hard sometimes to do balloons. Time passes by, life goes on and we all survive somehow! I just miss my parents a lot! We had the best life with them! I found 100 more negatives and they are ready for me to pick up. I had 238 done a few months ago. I will share some soon. My brother Jay and I have enjoyed viewing the digital photos from them. A lot of memories!
 I hope you are all enjoying your fall! We are waiting for the roofers to come and do our roof from the big hail storm in May. Shingles have been here for a week! Work is slowing down as fall continues. Winter hours start next week. I hope to blog more. I wish you all a blessed week!! My second Etsy shop Minniesvintageshop has some more Vintage photos and some Halloween ones I altered. Check it out!  Hugs Linda