Sunday, August 16, 2015

Where has the summer gone!

Hello All,

   Yes I have been lax on the blogging. Summer seems to have finally come and now it is almost over! We have had a decent summer at the dealership, though we had a month of rain it slowed our Motorcycle sales and now it is hot, hot! 

The K-3 are all 3 now! So hard to believe! Bob cat weighs 17.8 pounds, Merlin 16.8 and Savannah is just over 14. Except for Savannah the boys are long and lean. Savannah is short. The photo I took this morning they were watching Kitty TV the birds and the squirrels!

 I went to the Barn in Castle Rock with Bobs Mom on Friday night. I took off work early as they had a shopping event with wine and snacks. We had a great time!

I have been working on some images. I had this train photo and aged it up a little and placed it on a cabinet card for my brother Jay. I showed the original also. I have 2 more images to do and then I will print them out and send them to him. The train is at our old station in Owego NY. The cabinet card back I used is also from home so I thought that was special too. 

Our pond has done well this year and my vines also from all of the rain we have had. Our drought is over pretty much and we didn't have to water much this year at all.

My Granddog Oreo is so cute and I just had to add a photo of her. Oliver our resident non-feral was over for a kitty love visit.

I hope you are all having a great summer, winter hours will come soon enough and then I will have more time for crafting and blogging! I got Bob some Minions Twinkies and one of the news ones in the movie is named Bob! LOL! XO Linda

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bob's Grandma is 98 and my Valentine Crafts, some of them anyhow!

I suppose better late showing than never! I made some Valentine post cards and tags for my family and some friends. I still keep in contact with a few of my Mom's friends and made them cards and tags for Valentine's Day.

 Bob's Grandma Lucy will be 98 tomorrow the 16th. I made a post card from this photo of her. She was in her late teens I believe. Her card that I sent with my famous rolled butter cookies has some glitter on it. I have to say I am addicted to glitter now! I love the glue pen as it makes it easy to get a fine line.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I work on Saturday's so we had our dinner today. We were grilling in the snow my special NY spiedies,  lightly salted potatoes and Italian bread and for desert a chocolate eclair. I have 1 more pound of my special NY meat left for another time.

 I will post my newer items as I get them made. I have more Vintage photos going into my second Etsy shop and my main shop I will be listing some more of my porcelain decal cameos. I have more photos coming this week from my lady in NY. Some really nice ones that will make great Mother's and Father's Day cards. Have a great week! XO Linda


Monday, January 26, 2015

January is a big month for our family!

Hello Blog Friends!
I am hoping you all enjoyed your Christmas and are off to a wonderful New Year! I have been missing my favorite food from New York. Lupos Spiedies! So I splurged and ordered for Christmas Dinner! They ship meat every Wed. frozen 2 day air. I ordered 4 pounds of meat and 1 loaf of Italian Bread. We had for Christmas dinner. They were so delicious, we also had on New Years Day and have 2 pounds for sometime soon. So yummy! I sure miss going to the grocery store and grabbing a container to throw on the grill! LOL! my brother went to the Spiedie and Rib Pit on Saturday and had to send me a photo of his sandwich! Sure looked yummy! 
We are doing well here in Colorado. Weather is nice and then we get a snow storm. The snow finally melted off from the last storm! It was 63 today not bad for January!
 For all of my friends and family on the East Coast, I hope you keep safe as the storm looks like it is gonna be a mother!
January is a big month in my family. My Mom and Dad would have celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary! Hard to believe we celebrated their 50th in 2000 and then who would have thought they would both be gone so quickly from our lives! My Dad's Birthday is also this month. Bobs' Dad Fred celebrated his 78th Birthday, my best friend from school turned 61. My darling daughter Tara turned 40. I am officially old! LOL! She wanted a music charm and we had it engraved. "Dad" covers both her Dad and Bob, she really loved it! The photos are not that great- it is from James Avery Jewelry Store. I have enclosed a photo of Oreo my Granddog, she was wearing her hoody and booties as it has been cold in Texas and our K-3 - Bob, Merlin and Savannah as a Kitty Pile.
I have been working on my images and have a bunch listed in my second Etsy Shop. Check it out, click the icon on my sidebar, Minniesvintageshop. I have been working on cards now. My glitter came today from, can't wait to get started! Bobs Grandma turns 98 next month. I was able to get a photo of her when she was in her teens, I am making her a birthday card with it- I will post in February.I will post photos of what I am working on as soon as I get them finished. I hope you all have a blessed week!
I hope you enjoy the photos I am sharing!
XO Linda

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Beautiful Christmas Ornaments from the Exchange, My Tags and cards, The Candle from Angels at my Door on Friday the 12th, Daddy 3rd Angelversary

Hello Blog Friends, 
I have been busy making the secret family toffee recipe with Bob's Mom. It was hard but I stirred all the way through on 3 of 4 batches! It is yummy delicious and I have mailed off and work gifted 99.9%- That is what we do at work- I tin up toffee, bake cookies and do the popcorn with candy melt on it- I made 19 pans of it yesterday! Now I know why my elbow hurt! Sunday I am baking the cookies for work gifts and Bob's family, then I am done!! I love the toffee so it has to go away for others to enjoy! I sent over 130 cookies to my daughter Tara and family. Everyone has their own cookie container or Nayla will eat them all! I have photos of my beautiful and Special Christmas Ornaments that I received from Tuula in Canada. She is at She sent everything in the beautiful box shown, with her hand made tag. She knew I liked purple so she sent the purple flower in the Vintage mold cup. She also sent the 3 little wooden ornaments and the Vintage Bird. I have not done a much for a Christmas tree since my Mom passed away. This year I put out the little tree out- the K-3 are naughty and it has come down a few times a day, so it doesn't have anything breakable on it. I also have some photos of my tags, cards and Christmas post cards I sent out. I am having fun with stickles glitter! I also have enclosed photos of the necklaces I made for a few gifts. The cat collage is for my friend in PA who did all of the Halloween decorations, her Mom has the Angel and my hair dresser the cabin scene. I have also enclosed the photo that I sent for the Angels at my Door candle lighting on the 12th and my Dad's photo for his 3rd Angelversary that was Saturday the 13th.I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Post Thanksgiving! Cindy Adkins Angels at my door event

Happy post Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a great meal and a wonderful day! Cindy Adkins on facebook- Angels at my Door is having a candle lighting event on December 12th, 2014. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. I am off to work. At the dealership we are having a "black" Friday sale. Hope we are busy! Hugs, Linda

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Changed up my blog look, Oliver's story, Vintage Photo Share

Hello Blog Friends,

   I changed up my blog look today. I added photos of the K-3 and a nice photo of Oliver. He was absent most of the week as we had terrible cold, below normal and snow here. We knew he was over in the cat colony safe. He came running over today when he saw us pull up from the store. He was so happy to see us! He adores Bob. It is so funny he gets up on the tool box in the garage and puts his paws on Bob's shoulders and looks at him, then he takes his paws and pats his hat. I found out his story from Kim. She is the owner of the cat colony. He was dumped off and one of the neighbors took him in, they did not give him much of a chance as their other cats did not like him. He took him to the humane society. His breed is unusual he is a Norwegian Forest Bob Tail Cat. He has big paws and prances when he runs. They said he was not adoptable as he stuck his claws out at them. Seriously! They called Kim and said since he was found by the colony if she did not take him, they would put him down. He is very loving, but does have sharp claws. He has food and a cat bed in the garage also, we leave Jinx cat's old cat door open for him. We are going to co-parent with Kim on him for now as he needs to be checked out by our vet, before I would let him in near the K-3. So maybe he will live with us some time, for now he eats here and is looking so much better since we have been feeding him. I hope you have a great week! XO Linda

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Veteran's Day to all who served and to my family! Big weather change!

Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served past and present and to my Family also. We had a gorgeous Fall day yesterday! Now the front that came through Alaska is coming down to all of us! To be cold, winds are up already and maybe the "s" word. I am not ready for snow yet!! My Veteran's Day Family Collage- Honoring my family starting with my Daddy Willard (Bill) Edwards Jr, My mom in 2 of the photos with Daddy, V.Irene Edwards, My daughter retired Msgt USAF Tara Saffell McCraw, my son in law Msgt Retired USAF Derrick McCraw, Tara's Daddy who passed away earlier this year- Eric Saffell retired Msgt USAF from the USAF Academy Band and last but not least my brother Jay Edwards who served four years in the USAF Academy Drum & Bugle Corps. 2 photos of the front coming in for our big weather change!! Have a great week! I am so excited I am also doing my first swap, A Christmas Ornament Exchange! Baby steps I will try more if this works out well! XO Linda

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween Early! Halloween Collages of the K-3 Kitties, Oliver our Feral and a Vintage Photo

It's Halloween Week! Don't you remember growing up how much fun it was to wear a costume, go to a
parade and then trick or treat? I grew up in a small town, Owego, NY. We had a Halloween parade, cider, donuts and then the kids all trick or treated. In those days we didn't have much to worry about! Now that I am a grown up, I think back on how much fun we had. The movie Theater had a Halloween Costume contest and played the old scary Vampire, Frankenstein movies an all day marathon! I still like Halloween and hope the kids get to experience some of what we did in our youth. We have a new kitty visits us 2 times a day for a meal. We call him Oliver. He lives in the Feral cat colony. I don't believe he is a real Feral cat as he is very loving. I made a collage of him for Halloween. Here is a new one of the K-3 Bob, Savannah and Merlin. They did not want to wear the new Halloween hat and collar, oh well! It is a good thing I can just use a photo editor for the hats! LOL!  I also had fun with this Vintage photo. Happy Halloween to you all! Hugs from me, Linda