Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vintage Photos For You!

Hello Blog Friends,

Scanning photos and catching up on housework. As most of you know I work at a Motorcycle Dealership and we are starting to get busy. You get used to Summer Hours and more money and then when Winter Hours come you say oh well I get home before 6! So Yeah Summer hours will be here March 1st, it means longer work days and late deals. Now that I am closing deals now too, makes the day go faster when it is busy, way more responsibility but ok so far! I normally don't do much cooking through the week especially during summer hours as I really honestly do not like eating after 7 at night and I will be getting home between 7 and 8. So I was reminding Bob- fajita salads and easy quick light meals he can have ready when I get home- Bob is always happy for Sunday and Monday as those are my days off. I normally cook then but, now that Bob works at home we sometimes do lunch or dinner out on Monday's as our day to do something together.

 Last night we had Greek Gyro's my favorite yum! I had a wonderful NASCAR night with Gyros and my Delicious Red Wine!!

 Bob and I are avid Angry Bird Players and we play on facebook in the weekly tournaments. It is so much fun! I can't wait until Tara has the strength back in her arms to go back and play with us in the tournaments! She always makes me laugh- she will call me on a Monday after she has been home from work and just start laughing- so I know that she has beat me or Bob in the current game- but not for long!

It is beautiful here today, sunny and 55! Snow maybe for Wednesday and Thursday.

Here are 2 beautiful Vintage Photos-

The one in the black frame says Harris Cortland NY, the name of this beautiful woman is Lela Spencer Killawog.
The beautiful woman with the Black Rose Pin is an unknown.

Thought I would share these with you! Have a great week! XO Linda

My Blog Party Win!

I hope you all had fun on the Grow Your Blog Party. I won this beautiful calendar
from Michelle at here are a few photos of the calendar!
Thanks again so much!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hooby Lobby, Michaels, Kitties & Pond Fish

Hello Blogging Friends,

  I went to Hobby Lobby & Michaels today. Hobby Lobby has all of the Spring and Summer items out. I got this cute metal sculpture at Hobby Lobby. I really liked it, plus yeah it was 30% off! I got the bird with the bell and I got my Mom in Law Sally one with a Butterfly for her BD in April- I plan ahead! They had some good bargains and I will go back next Monday to see what else they have! Then I went to Michaels and found the tinsel by chance that Dawn had shown on her blog and it was 40% off so I had to get it. Here are some photos of what I bought today and the Kitties were all trying to sleep when I snapped these, 25 pounds of cat in a 10 pound cat bed- LOL! I was trying to use the cats for the blog winners from the GYB party to hold or sit with the names- Got Bob to barely do it. My Bob said Good Luck with that! The fish were saying Hello the sun is out, they want food but you don't feed them in the winter unless the water temp is over 53. The heater keeps them comfy on cold days and the fountain was on so the water is really moving.
Have a great week!! Don't forget to think about my Victorian Etc post that was before this, a great opportunity for us all! Hugs from me- Linda

Bob Cat

Bob & Merlin


Etsy Shops or Selling Blogs Wanted for Victorian Etc Ad Spots

 OK here is the scoop on the Victorian Etc E-Magazine information.
I would like to offer ad space for 2-3 selling blogs or blogs with Etsy shops. I would need your info name and a 175 x 150 ad by March 15th. Ad space is $35.00 a spot, will run
for the May-August issue and you can continue the ad for the next issue September- December. $35.00 for a 4 month ad is really a great deal! I would send you a paypal invoice when we are ready with your information. The link is on my sidebar if you would like to check out the magazine. The magazine is run by Vic from Victorian Heart Shoppe, also on my sidebar. Feel free to email for more information for this exciting opportunity.
Hugs from me- Linda

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vintage Photo & GYB Winners!

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Yeah Spring is just around the corner!
Today is my Grand Angel Nayla's 12th Birthday! I hope she has a great day!

Here is a Vintage photo for your crafting.

Winners of my blog giveaways from the GYB party-
Karen- Kareninkenai
Michelle- Something Special
Sandra-Thistle Cove Farms
I have sent an email to you all, please email me your address.

Thanks so much!
This blog party has been fun and I have grown my blog!
I will have a new giveaway up soon as now I am over 100!
Hugs from me! Linda