Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Sunday and After the Waldo Canyon Fire Photos

Happy Sunday!

  Jinx is holding his own, we are holding out for another week to see if he gets any better. Our vet Dr G. said to do what we feel is best. We will only let him go if he can't recover!

  I took some photos today of the front range after the Waldo Canyon Fire. You can see how it was on the ridge and where it came down. You also can see above the Garden of the Gods Kissing Camels rocks where it was on the ridge. If you look at the photo of the rocks on the left top- you can barely see why it is called "Kissing Camels" We were so lucky it did not destroy the Garden of the Gods park! It goes north and west further than what my photos show. I took these from the same spot from the beginning to the end from Coronado High School where Tara went to school. If you looked at the photos in a previous post, you can see the difference. The beauty is still there, just not as beautiful as it was! Good News for the people who lost their homes, they are getting the OK to rebuild.

 I hope you have a beautiful Sunday and a great week!

XO Linda

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jinxie Cat and We had a Flower on our Floating Hyacinth

Hello Everyone- Happy Monday!

 We've had a fair week. Our Jinx cat is sick and our vet is not positive he will survive. He is 99.9% positive Jinx has an infection. The last time he was outside he fought with the cats from the feral cat colony. Out Vet assured us that Jinx is protected by his shots. He said he caught the infection from outside, as he is treating another cat that has the same kind of infection.  Jinx came to us years ago as a stray and he adopted us, mainly Bob as he is Bob's buddy! We have had a lot of cat children over 26 years but Jinx has topped them all! He has a lot of personality and even my in laws laugh when Jinx is outside and I snap my fingers and say get back in the yard as he meow mutters all the way back in. Since he was an outside stray we have had him in the house for years, but he always wanted to be out in the yard or in the garage with Bob. He loved sitting in the grass just breathing the air!
 He never went very far away and always came when called.  We also never let him stay out at night.
As we administer the antibiotics hold him up to eat, drink and hold him in the cat box, through our tears we are hoping he pulls through. Today he seemed a little more active and let Bob hold him. Time will tell if he just has an infection or it is a cancer his shots won't help him with. So let us hope and pray our cat child Jinx will be OK!
2 photos of Jinx when he got a gift from my Cousin Mary in NY. He loves that kitty kicker!

Now for a nice note- our pond plants a floating hyacinth has flowered. This has only happened one other time- so Bob and I were both happy a the sight of this beautiful flower. It is still there this morning as they usually flower and are gone. Our weekend miracle!

 We also have the bird feeder my late sister in law Laurie had. We have an average of 15-20 birds at a time eating. We have 4 sets of ring neck doves too and they are so beautiful! I also have a beautiful bird bath she had. We have this little robin who will tell Bob there is not enough water in the birdbath, as he takes about 5-7 bathes a day!

Well blog friends I hope you have a wonderful week!

XO Linda

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I found a few bargins at the Antique Mart!

Hello Everyone,

 I went to the American Classics Market Place today with my friend Betty. They are in town for a few days. Betty and her husband Mike are struggling with some serious health problems. She needed a little break so we left Mike with Bob. Bob and Mike have been friends for 50 years! We walked through and enjoyed looking at the antiques and collectibles! Pointing out things that our Moms and Grand Parents had. I found a few things, some almost perfect Vintage Photo cabinet cards, tea stained doilies, a little dress and a moon cookie cutter and jello mold. The cookie cutter goes with some Halloween ones I got for my friend Sandy for her BD in Oct. Then we came back and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Mike is on the liver transplant list and Betty will be having some surgery to help her scoliosis. They are dear friends and are in our prayers for a full recovery! We did have a nice day! Photos of my purchases and another rainbow from a week ago. XO Linda

Friday, August 3, 2012

I want more followers, I need to be a better blogger!

Good Morning,

As I said in an earlier post today! I would love to have 100 followers by November so I can giveaway an awesome project just in time for Christmas Decorating- it is one from an e- class of Nancy Maxwells, so you know it is really cute!
So help me get 100 followers!

Cameos, Fabric, Jewelry Supplies For Sae!

I have been selling of my jewelry supplies to get on with my Vintage Photo projects and more of  mixed media artwork. If you are needing any supplies- great pricing!! You can check out my artfire studio seller- fairyrosecameosandmore and see most of what I have. I have been making 10-15 pound mixed boxes for $175.00 plus 10.85 shipping- I have been dumping bin boxes and everyone has been happy so far! Ask me about anything you see in my studio or if you need something special let me know as my craft room still has a lot of supplies- trying to clear out! I also have some fabric I have held onto for 25+ years- so if you need any of that, I can get it out and take photos! email me - charmedvictorian at g
Thanks!! XO

It's August!

It's August!
Where did the summer go? We have been pretty busy at work, summer time is our busy season in the Motorcycle world! It seems like so many things have happened here in Colorado. The fire, the shootings, floods. I need to take a moment and leave a post! I am working on some really neat projects, I have been gathering up my supplies and will have them up hopefully by September. I am going home to NY in September for my high school reunion- hard to believe we have been out of school for 40 years! Yikes! I am going to stay with my brother Jay and his wife. We are going to do a few fun things and then leave the Fall flowers for my parents, Grand Parents, Granny and my Great Grandmother. I want to drive by the farm my Great Grandmother had where my Mom spent most of her childhood. Last year if you recall the flood and my Daddy's health kept us from doing much. I am hoping to have my Prayer Flags done as I want to leave one for Mom and Dad. I took an e- class from Gail from Creative workshops. She is an awesome and talented artist! She also owns Shabby Cottage Studio
My goal is to have 100 followers by the end of  November so I can have a wonderful giveaway in December. I have an awesome prize already planned!! I have also taken a few e-classes from Nancy Maxwell, she is an awesome and talented artist as well! Enjoy the dog days of summer! I will be posting more as I can. My husband works at home he is an awesome machinist/toolmaker and is a number 1 Tattoo frame builder for the Tattoo Industry. I do his billing, shipping and Ebay beside my own listings on Ebay, Etsy and artfire. It seems my own time is limited for what I want to get done. Have a great weekend!! XO