Monday, May 28, 2012

Hillside Gardens Pikes Peak Hospice Butterfly Release Memorial Day 2012

I had a beautiful day today. I went to the Pikes Peak Hospice Memorial Day Butterfly Release. For me this was closure of my Daddy passing away. His ashes were buried on May 4th in PA where all of my ancestors are buried. I could not go. Today was a gorgeous, cloudless sky and warm temps! I went with Bobs Mom Sally and Aunt Peggy. When you walk into this beautiful nursery/garden shop you feel instantly the safe and beautiful haven you are in. And just for a moment you forget any troubles or problems and feel the peacefulness. When we got there you checked in to give them the names of your loved on or in some cases loved ones to be read. The music was calming and beautiful. Before the names were read, the stones and water were blessed. As each name was read and the gong rang, the Chaplain held up and placed the stone in the water. Once all of the names were read the butterflies were released. They flew all around us and one landed on my arm. I got a photo though it is blurry, it was a special gift from Heaven for me from Daddy, Mom and Laurie! A few people had them land on them and most of them just flew around. I took some photos of them on the flowers too. Her are my photos. Have a blessed day! This garden shop oasis has the special events pavilion where we were and it is in the middle of downtown. A hidden oasis!

Memorial Day a Time to Reflect

Memorial Day!

A day to reflect, remember and honor our living and dead. Thanks for your service  to my Daddy, my brother Jay, my Great Uncle Freddy, Tara and Derrick. Past & Present. I am going to the Hospice Butterfly Release with Mom Sally and Papa today. They will read my Sister in Law Laurie's name  among the countless others and the Pikes Peak Hospice said they would read my Daddy's too, then they will release butterflies. Since I could not go to NY earlier this month when they buried Daddy's ashes with Mom, this is my closure. It is this morning and at a beautiful garden shop that has an event center on the grounds. I will get some photos to share later.
Photos Daddy 2nd from front VFW Post 1371 Owego, NY he was a 50+ year life member, Daddy & Mom VFW Post 1371 Owego, NY. Tara McCraw in her early AF Career serving with the Honor Guard, Tara and Derrick more recently. Derrick just retired from 20 years of active duty AF. Tara and Derrick are also Life Members of Post 1371 Owego, NY. My Daddy loved serving his country! Thanks to all who serve, served and who are lost to us from wars, you are in my heart. The first time I saw the Vietnam Memorial. I felt awe, grief and thankfulness! I rubbed the names of my MIA bracelets and took a photo of where
they were on the wall. I have a place of honor on a table for my MIA bracelets and other Military Memorabilia.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! We had a good day!

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a nice day, went to Bobs Mom and Dads house. Here is a photo of Grandma Lucy she is 95, Aunt Peggy and Mom Sally. I took this photo of the robin in the nest from their garage window. I hope you all had a wonderful day! Mom and Dad the last time they visited us in Colorado.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! A New Vintage Photo for you!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Mother's Day weekend! Here is a cute photo I found at the Antique Mart on Monday. The woman is Mary Lawler and the date on the back of the photo is June 23, 1943. It reminds me of my Great Grandmother's Farm and the photo could be any of our Moms or Grandmas from that time period. It is for you to use in your artwork! I hope you are all doing something special tomorrow. We are going to Bobs Mom and Dads for a barbecue.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vintage Photo for You!

Here is a new Vintage Photo I picked up today. You may use for your artwork but not sell the image in this form. That is some big hat she has on!
Another Birthday gone by. I did have a good day, I made sure I did! I went to Kohls and used my gift cards! It rained today so I went to the indoor antique mart and looked around. It snowed depending on what elevation you live at, Colorado our weather changes quickly! 84 on Saturday to 40 today!

It was another hard week though as one of our family friends we hired as a home health care worker to take care of Daddy in his last weeks passed away on April 27th. Jenny was a very kind and wonderful person and was diagnosed on January 1st with a form of liver cancer the doctors saying little or no hope for her. Despite all of the prayers and hope,  she passed away. I saw her at Daddy's funeral and thought she was thin, but at that time in December they still had not figured out what was wrong with her. Her funeral was on Monday and then on the 4th of May was Daddy's burial. My brothers were very close to Jenny. I had not seen  her for a long time. 

My brothers said the weather cleared up and it was sunny in PA where Daddy is now at Peace and Resting with Mom forever and ever. Many of my family members are all buried there in PA. I am glad that Daddy is there now. The cemetery was closed until May for the winter so that is why we could not do the cemetery while I was home in December. My first Birthday without any parents and I did make it! I hope you all have a great week! I will have another photo up for Mother's Day, that I purchased today too. So do check back, it is a fun photo!