Sunday, February 12, 2012

Free Vintage Photo Image Family

Free Vintage Photo Image "Family"
My Mom picked this image up for me years ago, when we were coming up with new ideas for craft items to make. My Mom was the best and I truthfully miss her and my Dad everyday! This image reminds me that family is everything! So hug yours! The image is free to use in your craft projects, providing you use it in a creative way. The image in this form remains property of Charmed Victorian. My new blog banner and button for now is an image from my Mom's sheet music. My Mom played the piano so eloquently.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Nayla's Ground Hog Day Prediction

Hello All,

    Nayla told us last night, that in fact she did see her shadow, so 6 more weeks
of Winter. It is like Winter here today- depending on where you live a trace to 14"
 and more. We live in central Colorado Springs, CO so we only had a few inches and it

was pretty much gone before I got home from work. But 5 miles North of us and down to Denver- a lot of snow! Since we are higher in elevation than Denver you actually should say driving down to Denver and not up. LOL! sounds funny as everyone says up to Denver. oh well! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Ground hog Day! Happy Birthday to Nayla my Grand Angel!

Good Morning!

   Happy Groundhog Day! Well it looks like 6 more weeks of Winter. But I will ask Nayla tonight when we call her for her Birthday. We may see 1-3" before I come home from work- yuck! Here is a photo of Nayla she is 11 today- she is going to be short like me.... Here is the
Titanic Themed Box I made for her Birthday. She just got her hair cut and looks like they were shoe shopping when Tara sent this.