Monday, October 8, 2012

We went to the Humane Society and brought home....

Hello Blog Friends,

   Our home has been so quiet and lonely for us since we had to put down Mr Jinxie Cat.
At work they kept saying we needed to get a kitty. Dana looked up on the Humane Society page and saw a kitten named Bob. She sent the photo to my Bob. He called and said can you take a lunch? We went over and brought home Bob, we kept his name. Merlin his brother, we changed his name and an itty bitty peanut we named Savannah. The boys are 5 months old and Miss Savannah will be 3 months old this month. I got them Halloween Costumes today, needless to say they were not exactly thrilled. They do like their photos taken though. We have not had a kitten since we were first together 26 years ago. This has been quite an experience. We have had to kitten proof. They are so much fun and they both like Savannah. They go to bed with us and get up when we do. I am glad we got to save three kitties from the pound! Here are their photos. Bob is all black, Merlin is black with the white bib and paws and well Savannah is the peanut. We brought in the sleeping bag to put over the loveseat, to help with the digging. The like to lay on it.

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!
 We sure miss you and love you! Daddy is now celebrating your birthday in Heaven with you!
 XO Linda

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tickets Collage Sheet

  It's train theme this month at Victorian Etc magazine-
  My tickets collage are ready for you to print and create! The watermark will not be on
  the copy you receive. No shipping it is an email attachment! print as many as you want!
It will be a full size attachement $2.50

Our Jinxie Cat

I am sad to tell you all that while I was in NY Bob had to put our Jinxie Cat down.
He could not get up anymore. It was strange when I got home tonight not to have our darling cat child waiting for me! RIP dear Kitty! I have shed many tears! Jinx was a very special cat and will always hold a special place in our hearts! Since he was a stray we do not know his exact age we figured about 13.

                                                           Jinx Pflum   September 28, 2012