Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Please Pray for Colorado Springs and our Surrounding Communities!

The fire has raged out of control and is now burning structures in Colorado Springs. Evacuations are from Garden of the Gods Road North to the AF Academy and East to I-25 and Woodmen. About 32,000 or more are evacuated just in the last few hours today! The smoke is choking the whole area and north towards Denver. The entire mountain side is on fire. We are watching it live on http://www.kktv.com/  feed- Waldo Canyon Fire and it makes you cry. Flying W Ranch is gone and I am sure a house we bought new when Tara was small is possibly gone or close to going. Tara and I were talking on the phone while they watched the live feed. We were both crying as we watched peoples homes and dreams going up in flames! I hope you all pray for us all in Colorado Springs and our surrounding communities as now a lot of lives have been affected and businesses too!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Colorado Fire- here close to Colorado Springs!

Colorado is RED Hot! In Colorado Springs another day of close to 100 degrees! We don't get this hot especially in June!! We have terrible fires here in our state and one is just west of us in the Waldo Canyon. It has grown to I think almost 4000 acres since Saturday at noon. People in Colorado Springs are also evacuated on the West side of the city, and some of the smaller towns up the pass. Hwy 24 a major road for people living up in Woodland Park, etc to come to Colorado Springs is still closed. So I think a few people will not be at work tomorrow, as it adds an extra 4 hours on to their commute to go around.

 It doesn't look any better though today we have the C130's with the National Guard flying them, they just took off a little while ago from Peterson AFB! Yeah! I wanted to clap and cheer when I saw them fly over our house!

The winds are picking up so the helicopters may have to stop for now. . updating since I started this post. The C130's saw them go over the house, they were grounded for awhile due to heavy smoke. The news briefing on the fire says the C130's are flying again, and just now they are grounded again. I took a few photos when I went up the hill to get groceries. The command center is at Tara's former high school Coronado and that is where I took photos Saturday night before they moved to the school.

It is very scary and hard to watch! I worry about all of the poor animals!
Last night the smoke was terrible in Colorado Springs a heavy haze hanging over us. I was coughing terrible again and my voice is hoarse, but we are safe from the fire on our side in Central Colorado Springs. 

It is very windy now, just not what they want! Yesterday the town of Manitou Springs could go back home almost 5000 people so the evacuations are about 3055 people right now. We sure could use some rain right now!
The first photo I took with my iPhone from work on Saturday when it first started. The hazy photos are from Saturday and Sunday night, the sunny photos are from about an hour ago.

You can see what is happening here by going to http://www.kktv.com/ or our newspaper  http://www.gazette.com/

The problem is someone is starting these fires, about 30 fires in the last week!

The wind has caused flames again as our news coverage on kktv has been nonstop since the fire started. They are keeping everyone informed on possible evacuations and everything going on. Really good coverage, but I have to watch a movie or something as it is too much
to watch all day and night!!