Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gorgeous Fall Floral Fired Porcelain Decal Brooch Pin

Fall Greetings!

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I have been with Vic since she first started the Heart Shoppe Mall!
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Fall Floral Porcelain Decal Brooch Pin
Gorgeous Flowers set in a Copper Ox Leaf Brooch Pin.
Hand applied decal by me- Linda of Charmed Victorian
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Monday, September 26, 2011

I am back from my trip- it did not go as planned Thanks to Tropical Storm Lee!

Hello All,

 I am back from my trip to New York to see my Dad. First off his health wasn't the best so our planned trip to Shanksville was off. Then Tropical Storm Lee just had to go to the East Coast and make a huge disaster! We would not have been able to get there anyhow. I left on Sept. 8th and my flight was cancelled from Philadelphia to Binghamton. I got a flight for 9:30 that night to a different airport actually closer to my Dads home- then my brother had to figure out what back roads to take to Ithaca that were not flooded or had any bridges out. We got within 5 miles of the Ithaca airport and the pilot said that the visibility wasn't enough for them to land. So we circled over Binghamton where we were supposed to land for an hour, then they decided to go back to Philadelphia. It was after 1 am by then and I had been up since 3 am Colorado time on the 8th. I wasn't about to go to a hotel in the middle of the night so most of us stayed in the closed terminal, with just a few cleaning and maintenance people- I think I slept all of 1 hour. Of course my iphone charger was in my luggage and it was running low- I called expedia and got a flight for Friday the 9th at 9:30 am, they gave us tickets for Friday and my flight was for 9:30 pm, could not stay there that long!! Humidity is not my friend so I was hot and sweaty and just lovely by the time we got out on Friday am. I finally got to my Dads on late Friday afternoon without my luggage, as no matter what they tell you- your luggage goes to the final destination which was Binghamton, NY for me- all roads closed, state of emergency-  got some clothes, an iphone charger and cosmetics a box of wine and then went to my Dads. Saturday I found out my luggage was in Binghamton as the airport reopened- but roads and bridges were still closed- I got my luggage delivered on Sunday by yellow cab. Yeah! We went down to our small town of Owego, NY and the devastation of the flood was so unreal it was hard to look. People were walking around like zombies throwing their life's belongings to the curb. I just cried looking at all of the mess. Our little town has about 1800 homes and they said over 3/4 of them had some kind of flood damage. Homes that have never flooded before got it this time- the underpass photo shows how high it was on Sunday the 11th. It was at the top the day before. The Susquehanna River crested in our town at a record 41' Before I left the roads had opened and power was back on in some of the areas and trucks were cleaning up as fast as possible. So many of my friends and old neighbors have lost everything. Daddy and I took clothes to the Church to help.
I did go the the farm down the road from my Dad and they had the pumpkin people pretty much set up. I love to go there- we went there all of our life to see the pumpkin village and also at Jackson's Farm, which I am sure was totally flooded. I am so happy my Dad is out of town and up! When I left my Dad was doing ok, not as well as I am hoping but little by little he will get stronger. We did go and meet with cousins on my Great Grandmother's side. We had a good time. I found some photos in Dads basement that I brought home of my Great, Great Grandparents and others and found a photo of one of my Great Grandmothers children- Lucy May I have her death cabinet card and now I have a photo, she died at just over a year old and is buried with my Great Grandmother. I will have some Vintage Photos and other items up soon, still catching up! My darling Grand Angels- Ayanna is now 14 and 5' 7" way taller than me! LOL! She is doing well with her volley ball and Nayla is now learning routines for being a Cheerleader, of course she is in her element! I  saw these cute decorations today while we were out that I had to take a photo of. Candles or battery Fairy lights would look cute with these too!
Please send a prayer for my dear Sister in Law Laurie, she has been valiantly fighting cancer for many years now, she just turned 52. We got the news on Friday that she has only a  few days to a few weeks. We went over on Saturday and spent some time with her. We cried, talked and laughed. It will be hard to let her go!
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Monday, September 5, 2011

A journal I won and My Pais Swap Gifts!

Hello All,
     I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day. I am just getting the rest of my stuff together for my NY trip- I leave at the crack of dawn on Thursday. We had a nice day here but the balloons did not come this way. I am so glad we got to see them yesterday and I was able to get such great photos! Be sure to take a look at my post with the photos and if you are my personal friend on facebook you can view all 30 of them. Be sure to post a comment on
my Angels for Irene giveaway! The journal I won from Gail at Shabby Cottage Studio, she is a favorite shop of mine! I also use her background papers for Bobs tattoo frame photos for Ebay. The other 3 photos are my gift from Etsy Cottage Style- Carolyn from NJ sent me 3 of her beautiful fine art photos- I love Carousels so that is the one Paris theme I chose, the other 2 rose buds and hydrangeas are absolutely stunning!  She let me choose her gifts from the 5dollarfrenchmarket on Etsy and she loved what I chose for her! Finally a swap that was truly fun and followed through! Here is a link to her Etsy Shop.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Colorado Labor Day Balloon Classic Photos from Home & the Park

What a beautiful morning! It was clear, cool and sunny and the Balloons got to take off this morning. Yesterday was cancelled due to wind- If we are lucky again tomorrow I will take some more photos, they do not usually come North, so it was special for us! I took some beautiful photos and will share some of them on the blog- Jinx did not like the balloons, the noise or having them in the sky! He has been slinking about all morning and looking out the back door before going out on the deck. I will be off the blog for 2 weeks- so be sure to keep adding comments to the Angels for Irene giveaway- I will check if I can from my brother's house. My Dad was in the hospital yet again and is going home today. The Shanksville trip is off due to his health. I hope we can go to the Memorial that our town will have for 9/11. For all of my blog friends that were in the Irene & Lee disaster I hope you are ok! My thoughts and prayers are out for you! Let us never forget 09/11! We must remain committed and vigilant to keep this great country safe! Have a safe and Happy Labor Day and a safe 2 weeks! See you after the 20th! The last balloon we saw looked like our late Parrot Toto! It made us feel good as when it first was coming towards the house the face was on the otherside and it turned around and there was the Toto face!