Monday, June 27, 2011

Fairy Giveaway!

And the winner is....... Mary Ann from My Tate Gallery!
She has been contacted and I am shipping today 07/20.
I will have another giveaway soon!

Since we went to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday and one of the Fairies
sprinkled me with Fairy Dust , I have been thinking of Fairies today. Then I thought I have some fun things for  a small giveaway! One of my Brass Ox Fairy Brooch pins, a package of Flower Fairy die cuts (2 sheets) and a Flower Fairy garland. Leave a comment if you love Fairies! Closes July 17th on Bob's Birthday! PS if you missed my darling husbands pic view my Renaissance Festival photos.

Vintage Photos and Ornate Photo Backs For You!

These Vintage photos remind me of my Great Grandparents Individual
Wedding Photos- so in honor of the summer wedding season, these photos
may inspire you to use them in a wedding theme collage. You may use the
images in artwork that you sell-

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Renaissance Festival Today Hot but Fun!

We went to the 35th Annual Renaissance Festival today. It is very hot here! 93!
There was a little breeze so we did not just die from the heat, just almost! Here are a few photos, my husband Bob and photos from the Procession. It was Celtic Theme this weekend so a lot of bagpipes and I just love bagpipes! Wish we could've stayed longer but you can only stay outside in the sun for so long! Oh and the photo of our pond frog- he was peeking up early this morning so I took a quick photo!

Of course the Knights of the Realm are my favorites! Too hot to stay and watch the Jousting, but I have seen it for many years, so I was ok with missing it this time! There is just something about a guy on a horse in armor though! LOL!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Just a hello!

It's been a busy Spring and almost summer- at work this is our busy time and I haven't been posting like I would like to. I have listed some photos for you and my giveaway- so please do look at those postings. We have had a lot of smoke haze here because of the fires in AZ. It's been so hazy you could not see the front range. Now we have more fires one that is in NM, closing I25 to go into Raton at the pass. One in Westcliffe and 2 still burning far south on Ft Carson's training areas. We have had really hot and dry weather and high winds. Even I have had some days with coughing and congestion. I can not imagine the people living in AZ. Let us hope and pray these wildfires get out and no more loss of animals lives and property losses! I hope to have some projects up soon in my Etsy store. Do check! Have a wonderful week! XO


Vintage Men Photos for You!

In honor of Father's everywhere- here are 2 Vintage Men Photos with the
Ornate Backsides. Feel Free to be creative!
Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daddy in the Memorial Day Parade

My Daddy is feeling much better these days! He is up and around,
doing his yard work, driving again- the cast is off and he is feeling
good. He rode in the Memorial Day Parade in our little town in NY.
One of my friends emailed me the photo.