Monday, March 28, 2011

Photo collage I made for my Dad

I made this photo collage from photos of my Dad during WW11.
My Grandma Ma is in the photo- I always remember her with
an apron on and she looked just like she did here to me, my whole life.
My Mom and Dad at 17, then a photo of them  from the late 60's or very
early 70's. I put this collage in a shadowbox with the US Army tag, US buttons,
2 Vintage Military uniform buttons and Vintage Army Stripes. Waiting for UPS to
deliver to him today. It is a belated Birthday gift as my Dad was in the hospital on
and off since November. He is doing better! Hoping for the weather in NY to be finally

Photos of Jinx today

Photos of Jinx today. He was looking out the window and sad as I did not let him out to play today.
Photo 1 not real happy about being in all day.
Photo 2 happy with his catnip toy.

April Giveaway! Vintage Style Scrapbook

Jennifer is the winner!!
I will have some special items up next weekend for a Mother's Day and my birthday is in May too, so check back!!

April Giveaway!

A wonderful Vintage Style Scrapbook entitled Memories-
acid free pages size 9"x 12", from Gallery Graphics.
Just leave a comment and make sure I can reach you!
Ends April 17th. Check back as I may add some items to this giveaway!
I found some cute tags at Michals- I am going to add those and another small surprise.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My first Altered Spoon and Altered Bottle

It's Tuesday!
My work week starts- we did not get much snow- but it's slippery out.
I wanted to post these before I left for work. I made my first altered spoon and bottle yesterday. Have not tried glitter since I don't know when so I will do better next time- I will have to remember glitter is like the crushed almonds we put on the family toffee recipe- a light touch! Hope you like what I came up with.
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Vintage Free Photos for you!

Happy Monday!
Going to beat the snow today and run out and do my errands early. Go figure for my return to work tomorrow we may have 6" on the ground! But 65 for Friday so it will go away quickly! I hope! Here are a few Vintage Photos for you to download to your computer,
you may use them for your own creations or sell what you make- but please do not sell my images- As always if you make something and want to share I will post! The first photo is of a woman who I haven't identified in my family tree files from my Mom I have seen her in a few but sadly do not know who she is- She is very pretty! The next 2 are the same photo back, 1 in the original rose color and one in the grey scale. I love the roses on this one! The last photo is a relative Mary Snow- she was 18 when she wrote this photo post card to my Great Grandmother. Most all of the Vintage Photos I get are from the upstate NY area- where I am from- though I do find some here in Colorado Springs, sometimes! 
Enjoy! Linda