Monday, September 5, 2016

Ballon Festival 2016 a few came our way

Happy Labor Day!

  Just my usual day off- as I don't work on Sunday or Monday. We had a good day though! Bobs Mom and Dad had a barbecue and we had a good time.
 I made my Remembrance Cookies today for September 11th, and  Laurie's BD, can't believe she and my Dad have been gone for 5 years - Laurie in October and Daddy in December! Time flies in so many ways, slow for some things in my life and too fast in other parts of my life!
We had a beautiful hot and sunny day! I am looking forward to 70's but not winter!
The Balloons a few came our way so I thought I would share. 3 of them landed over at the Golf Course and the orange one over on the street a few blocks over. We usually luck out at least one day during the festival to see them come up this way.

Have a great week!

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