Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I have been having fun in PSE and finally learning more here are some pics of what I have been creating

Hello All,

I hope your winter has been ok and Spring will be here soon! We just had a big snowstorm on Groundhogs Day weekend. We actually had a day off as there was too much snow to plow at work with the ATV's. We had 12-14" in our yard and our street was a mess. It is finally melting off! That was the most snow at one time here in Colorado Springs in a long time!
I have sold some items to a shop in PA and some of these cards will be made into greeting cards for them- so this isn't the finished product.  I did get the tags done and sent some out with the Valentine's I made. I will do in 2-3 posts to keep the scrolling down to minimum. I hope you like how I am progressing! Have a great week! Bob's Grandma Lucy is 99 today and I made her 2 cute cards on facebook as I have lost my voice so I can't call her. Bobs Mom Sally will relay my Happy Birthday wishes to her! XO Linda

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