Sunday, August 16, 2015

Where has the summer gone!

Hello All,

   Yes I have been lax on the blogging. Summer seems to have finally come and now it is almost over! We have had a decent summer at the dealership, though we had a month of rain it slowed our Motorcycle sales and now it is hot, hot! 

The K-3 are all 3 now! So hard to believe! Bob cat weighs 17.8 pounds, Merlin 16.8 and Savannah is just over 14. Except for Savannah the boys are long and lean. Savannah is short. The photo I took this morning they were watching Kitty TV the birds and the squirrels!

 I went to the Barn in Castle Rock with Bobs Mom on Friday night. I took off work early as they had a shopping event with wine and snacks. We had a great time!

I have been working on some images. I had this train photo and aged it up a little and placed it on a cabinet card for my brother Jay. I showed the original also. I have 2 more images to do and then I will print them out and send them to him. The train is at our old station in Owego NY. The cabinet card back I used is also from home so I thought that was special too. 

Our pond has done well this year and my vines also from all of the rain we have had. Our drought is over pretty much and we didn't have to water much this year at all.

My Granddog Oreo is so cute and I just had to add a photo of her. Oliver our resident non-feral was over for a kitty love visit.

I hope you are all having a great summer, winter hours will come soon enough and then I will have more time for crafting and blogging! I got Bob some Minions Twinkies and one of the news ones in the movie is named Bob! LOL! XO Linda