Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello Blog Friends Here is Savannah the Birthday Party Kitty and the bird feeder repaired

Hello Blog Friends

 I hope all is going well for you! We were so hot here and now this week we are getting rain. So anyone living near the burn scars have to worry about flooding. We had a strange event the other night. Our big bird feeder is wrought iron with arms. It was bent down to the ground, all of the feeders were strewn all over the yard and the main part of the feeder was halfway to the garage. Every feeder was picked clean. Then the gross part was blood on the sidewalk etc. We finally concluded that a deer jumped the fence and ran into the feeder and then got loose, ate all of the seed and then left. The birds and the squirrels were sitting on the fence looking at the empty spot and if they could talk they would say- where is our food? Bob got it all fixed and put back up. Sunday we bought a wildlife camera to see what goes on. Last night all we got was a cat walking through. Here is Savannah's Birthday Photos. She is clearly the black Grumpy cat! Here is the feeder fixed with a try out photo from our wildlife camera. I hope you all have a great week! XO Linda

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Texas Trip and a photo we found at Tara's

Hello Blogging Friends,
  This summer has flown by! Tara was home for most of June, the longest since she left for the Air Force at 19. We drove to San Antonio on the 22nd. We made it in 1 day, a long day!
  Tara and I took a wine tour of Fredericksburg. It was great! The tour company picked us up at Tara's home. There is a  photo of Angie our tour guide. There were 6 people on the shuttle. We went to 4 wineries and then had lunch and toured Fredericksburg. A busy little town, the countryside reminds me a lot of upstate NY and the mountains of PA. Tara and I went back to Greune, Texas and toured the little Winery there. Winery on the Greune. They had the best wine and we bought some to take home. We had a delicious lunch at the Gristmill again. It is in an old cotton gin as well as one of the wineries in Fredericksburg. They had a delicious Sangria made from Peter Vella Wines, rose and Chablis. I had a really nice time. Except for the sad circumstances of why Tara was here, it was so nice to have my Daughter here for almost a month! I found this photo of my Mom and Dad from 1975, their 25th Anniversary with the Anniversary Silver Dollars my Grandparents gave them. Bob and I have them now and I bought a frame as I don't know why my brother took them out of the frame. I am going to put the silver dollars in there with photos of who has had them. We are the 3rd of our family to get them. Tara and Derrick will get them next! I hope you enjoy my photos and talk to you soon! I also scored a nice lot of Vintage Photos from Nancy of SugarlumpStudios on Etsy! Yes I hoard them! XO Linda