Monday, April 28, 2014

Tara's Daddy has gone to Heaven

 It is with great sadness I share, that my former husband a musical genius as my brother put it. Eric Saffell, Tara's Daddy has gone to heaven. He passed away Saturday afternoon. When I went to see him on Friday night he was not responding. I sat with him for awhile and
told him sweet dreams. It is a sad time for our family. His Memorial service will be sometime in May. My son in law Derrick his Mom is still in ICU she had 2 heart valves replaced and then had an additional emergency surgery on Friday. So our family is still in need of Prayers! Here is a photo of Eric from the summer of 1975, Tara was 7 months old when her Uncle David tragically passed away at 19. Here is a more recent photo of him playing in the Brass Band here in town. Eric was a graduate of St Olaf College in Minnesota. He served with the USAF Academy band for 20 years and most of those years he ran the Rock Band Blue Steel. He was an amazing piano and keyboard player and he also played the tuba, and taught music lessons. He will be greatly missed by all! He has been a part of my life for 42 years.

Monday, April 21, 2014

My Texas Trip for Tara's Retirement and Oreo my Grand Dog!

Hello Blogging Friends- Here are my photos from Texas. I went for Tara's retirement. We did get to Greune Texas and had lunch at the Grist Mill restaurant on the Guadalupe River. The small town has some shops and 2 wineries. We stopped at one of the Wineries and had a tasting and got a bottle of wine. Also I have a Grand Dog named Oreo! She is a Maltipoo and so darn cute! I hope you have a great week. Prayers for my son in law Derrick's Mom and Tara's Daddy Eric are still needed as I said in my previous post. Eric will not survive, Linda is questionable.
Have a great week! XO Linda

A great day with my friend Janet at the Barn in Castle Rock. CO!

What a lovely Spring Day! My friend Janet and I went to Castle Rock CO to the Barn! It is an old barn with antique booths! I have photos to share- it was a great day! Stress free! Nothing has changed on Tara's Dad or my son in law Derrick's Mom! Their prognosis is still pretty grim on both! The last 2 photos are from another shop called the Emporium another set up with booths! A great day!  The Fairy Garden is so cute and one of my online craft sites sells a lot of things for Fairy Gardens- Hope you enjoy the photos! Sorry a few duplicated. I will post my Texas photos in the next post! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! XO Linda

Friday, April 11, 2014

Updates to what is happening in Colorado Springs

Hello All,
It snowed Monday morning so we put off our shopping trip to the Antique Barn. Trying for the 21st. Tara's Dad got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago Thursday, fell on Sunday and broke his pelvis. He has been in the hospital for 2 weeks again now. He is not well, the kidneys aren't working well and the dialysis isn't helping so far. I am hoping to go on Sunday to see how he is. The 2 times I was there I did face time on my iphone so Tara and family could see and talk to him. So prayers are needed for his recovery! Also Derrick my son in law his mother is still in the hospital too, so prayers for her too would be nice! The old saying is right, if you have your health you have everything! I am lucky so far, but now scared for this BD next month as it is a big one! I hope you are having a great week!! Oh and a nice sure sign of Spring. Last night I was at my computer and had the window open and the birds are singing! What a joyful sound that was! XO Linda

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Almost Spring, Snow here!

Hello Blog Friends
Sorry I haven't been on much. Went to Texas for my daughter Tara's retirement from the USAF. It was nice and I had a fun 9 days. I have photos to post soon. Since I have been home just been busy catching up and getting my Vintage Photo shop ready for Etsy. I actually caught a throat thing, imagine me the germ-a-phob caught something! Work has been busy as we are on summer hours, but our weather isn't exactly summer like today! Today we got 5" of snow just on the grass, truck etc. I am going to the Antique Barn in Castle Rock on Monday. I am so excited and hope our weather holds out. I will get on and post photos of my trip, the town of  Gruene Texas, Tara and I went to and the Barn. Tara's Dad is back in the hospital he wasn't well when we went to Texas and now the form of rheumatoid arthritis he has has affected his kidneys to the point of needing dialysis. He got out of the hospital on Friday and fell and broke his pelvis on Sunday so sad to say he is not well. A Prayer would be nice for him. I am hoping to go see him this weekend. We have been divorced for almost 30 years but we still go to Texas together and keep in touch. We are hoping he does recover. I also have a Grand Dog now! She is a black and white malitpoo named Oreo. She loves her Grandma!! I will post photos of her too. She hears my voice on the phone and tries to get to me! XO Linda