Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Beautiful Christmas Ornaments from the Exchange, My Tags and cards, The Candle from Angels at my Door on Friday the 12th, Daddy 3rd Angelversary

Hello Blog Friends, 
I have been busy making the secret family toffee recipe with Bob's Mom. It was hard but I stirred all the way through on 3 of 4 batches! It is yummy delicious and I have mailed off and work gifted 99.9%- That is what we do at work- I tin up toffee, bake cookies and do the popcorn with candy melt on it- I made 19 pans of it yesterday! Now I know why my elbow hurt! Sunday I am baking the cookies for work gifts and Bob's family, then I am done!! I love the toffee so it has to go away for others to enjoy! I sent over 130 cookies to my daughter Tara and family. Everyone has their own cookie container or Nayla will eat them all! I have photos of my beautiful and Special Christmas Ornaments that I received from Tuula in Canada. She is at www.thriftyrebel.com She sent everything in the beautiful box shown, with her hand made tag. She knew I liked purple so she sent the purple flower in the Vintage mold cup. She also sent the 3 little wooden ornaments and the Vintage Bird. I have not done a much for a Christmas tree since my Mom passed away. This year I put out the little tree out- the K-3 are naughty and it has come down a few times a day, so it doesn't have anything breakable on it. I also have some photos of my tags, cards and Christmas post cards I sent out. I am having fun with stickles glitter! I also have enclosed photos of the necklaces I made for a few gifts. The cat collage is for my friend in PA who did all of the Halloween decorations, her Mom has the Angel and my hair dresser the cabin scene. I have also enclosed the photo that I sent for the Angels at my Door candle lighting on the 12th and my Dad's photo for his 3rd Angelversary that was Saturday the 13th.I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Beautiful Linda! I especially love the sweet vintage bird. Thank you again for joining the exchange. It was such fun! I am glad to have made some new friends...like you! The toffee and cookies sound wonderful. I have never made toffee, but I think I might try it over Christmas break. I love it...:) Hope you and yours have a blessed and beautiful Christmas,

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying your ornaments Linda. I'm happy that they arrived safe and sound. My goodness you have been busy baking up a storm. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. What lovely ornaments you received from Tuula! Such a fun swap.

  4. Hi Linda! Have a wonderful Christmas and a Healthy and Creative New Year!

  5. Beautiful ornaments and a belated thank you for your card. I hope that 2015 will bring many blessings. Thank you again for your continued support during my recovery.

  6. Angelversary? I LOVE THAT! I must use that when I reference the passing of those I love... if you don't mind~ What an awesome way to look at a loved ones passing..... Angelversary! Your brillant!!
    big hugs!


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