Friday, October 24, 2014

We did our Memorial Balloons, A beautiful Fall Day lots of photos,the Eclipse

Happy Fall to my blog friends! It is hard to believe October is almost gone! We did our Memorial Balloons on Sunday the 19th. In honor and Memory of my Mom, Laurie, Bob's Sister, Uncle Bert. And I have added 1 for Daddy and now 1 for Eric my former husband. I have a little story- I broke my quarter moon stained glass and found this lady on the west side of Colorado Springs that does stained glass. I met with her a week ago. She was telling me about her former husband and how he was in the nursing home close to death. I told her about Eric my former husband. Her name is Linda also and her last name is Willard, my Dads name. Her former husband passed away on Friday. They were like Eric and I good friends, even after they divorced and they had children together so they remained close. I think we were destined to meet! My new moon is beautiful! I will include a photo. I had a sticky note with the moon dimensions and I had written a note to myself to get balloons for Sunday. She saw my notes and made me a lavender and a yellow balloon. I am trying to think what I want to make for her, something special as a gift. I have photos of Pikes Peak on Sunday October 19, 2014 which was a beautiful sunny Colorado day, compared to last weekend which looked like winter! I am happy because I choose to be, sad as I miss my parents more than words can say! We all know life goes on no matter what! I can't believe my Mom has been gone for 9 years! I have to say I woke up on the 22nd and I could still hear the phone call from my Daddy. I know they are in Heaven and we will meet again! 
Work is slowing down as it is fall and Motorcycle sales drop. We had a nice lunch today. We had burgers cooked on the grill with all of the fixings! Yummy! I did not eat last night or this
morning in order to eat! I have lost 15 pounds cutting out excess salt, sugar and carbs. I eat
what I want on Sunday's. I hope you enjoy my beautiful Colorado photos and our Memorial Balloons. Nancy Lewis Park is where we go and the ducks were so cute, quacking around the pond. Also there was a Lily still and a few more buds. Our Lillie's are done for the year. It is a nice peaceful park to go to.The Eclipse photo was taken with a phone through a telescope. One of our service guys has an awesome telescope and he brought it in so we could all see the Eclipse. And if you live in Texas, LOL! watch out my Granddaughter Ayanna got her drivers license yesterday! :) Hugs, Linda



  1. Hi, Linda, my Dear! Thank you so much for stopping by my little Halloween Party...I had a good time "playing" with it all, as usual! (My children laugh!) I read your story with great interest...we meet who we are supposed to meet on this earth, don't you think? Your Moon and the little balloons are wonderful!! And your tradition of releasing the "real" balloons is great...I love it...and I know your loved ones in Heaven do, too!
    Hugs to you my Dear...have a wonderful week and a Happy Halloween!

  2. Hello dear Linda!

    I love to read about the releasing of your balloons, what a great idea.
    All your photographs are so good and clear. The mountains are awesome. It is very flat country where I live but I am close to water...the Quay and a little further out, the sea.
    I love the sea and I have lived by it all my life.
    Greetings and many blessings to you,
    June xx


I hope you have a day full of love and blessings! Thanks for stopping by. Linda