Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween Early! Halloween Collages of the K-3 Kitties, Oliver our Feral and a Vintage Photo

It's Halloween Week! Don't you remember growing up how much fun it was to wear a costume, go to a
parade and then trick or treat? I grew up in a small town, Owego, NY. We had a Halloween parade, cider, donuts and then the kids all trick or treated. In those days we didn't have much to worry about! Now that I am a grown up, I think back on how much fun we had. The movie Theater had a Halloween Costume contest and played the old scary Vampire, Frankenstein movies an all day marathon! I still like Halloween and hope the kids get to experience some of what we did in our youth. We have a new kitty visits us 2 times a day for a meal. We call him Oliver. He lives in the Feral cat colony. I don't believe he is a real Feral cat as he is very loving. I made a collage of him for Halloween. Here is a new one of the K-3 Bob, Savannah and Merlin. They did not want to wear the new Halloween hat and collar, oh well! It is a good thing I can just use a photo editor for the hats! LOL!  I also had fun with this Vintage photo. Happy Halloween to you all! Hugs from me, Linda


  1. Hi Linda! Thanks for coming over to say hi and leaaving your kind words! I love Halloween and I remember having so much fun as a kid! I love Halloween so much that I always take the day off of work. Your collages are so cute!

  2. Happy Halloween!
    The kitties are too cute.

  3. What a wonderful collage of a true sweetie!


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