Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hello All busy with Family, Happy Fathers Day!

Hello Blog Friends,

  We've been busy here- Tara, Derrick and the girls are here as well as Oreo the Grand Dog!. We had the Memorial Service for her Dad last Friday June 6th. It was a very nice service and the music was outstanding. Eric would've loved it! The Military Honors were done outside the church and it was emotional and beautiful! Bagpipes and Taps always make me cry. So many of Eric's old friends were there and the music community came out to honor one of their own. I enjoyed seeing a lot of old friends and family. My former sister in laws and I had a wonderful visit. Karen, Eric's younger sister was able to go downtown to the park where they have a fountain called Uncle Wilbur. Eric wrote and played the Tuba music. The music plays every 15 minutes and then the sprinklers come on for the kids.
I have a funny story to share about Oreo. She went to my in laws to play with Quinn their Boston who is
only a few months older than Oreo. Oreo is a maltipoo and her legs are short, Quinn has long legs for a Boston. They were running all over the yard having a great time and Quinn jumped over Papa and Sally's Koi pond. Oreo thought she could too but landed in it. Everyone thought it was so funny! I told Tara that Quinn knew Oreo would not make it and dog laughed the rest of the day over it. I will talk to you all soon! Have a wonderful rest of the month! Photos- A Deer relaxing and munching at Eric's home after his Memorial Service, My Daddy in  the car with the VFW guys, the one waving is Daddy, Savannah and Merlin checking out Oreo's travel apartment.Daddy in the late 60's he was a Sheriff's Deputy and Oreo with her Cowgirl Hat. They come out to see her but won't play. Hugs from me, Linda

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  1. Military funerals are so impressive! The only one I have been to is my uncles and your right it is so emotional, what a wonderful honor! LOL at the dog in the water, Quinn is one smart dog!



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