Monday, April 28, 2014

Tara's Daddy has gone to Heaven

 It is with great sadness I share, that my former husband a musical genius as my brother put it. Eric Saffell, Tara's Daddy has gone to heaven. He passed away Saturday afternoon. When I went to see him on Friday night he was not responding. I sat with him for awhile and
told him sweet dreams. It is a sad time for our family. His Memorial service will be sometime in May. My son in law Derrick his Mom is still in ICU she had 2 heart valves replaced and then had an additional emergency surgery on Friday. So our family is still in need of Prayers! Here is a photo of Eric from the summer of 1975, Tara was 7 months old when her Uncle David tragically passed away at 19. Here is a more recent photo of him playing in the Brass Band here in town. Eric was a graduate of St Olaf College in Minnesota. He served with the USAF Academy band for 20 years and most of those years he ran the Rock Band Blue Steel. He was an amazing piano and keyboard player and he also played the tuba, and taught music lessons. He will be greatly missed by all! He has been a part of my life for 42 years.


  1. I am sorry for your loss... Sending healing hugs and wishes for your family to be strong during this hard time.

  2. Linda, I am sorry for your loss. May God grant you peace during this difficult time.

  3. Oh goodness so sorry for your loss! I grew up in Minnesota and have many family and friends that graduated from St Olaf....A great school



  4. Losing a dear friend or ex can be just as heartbreaking. Sending loving hugs. xx

  5. I am so sorry for Tara and your loss. Big hugs even though they are belated.


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