Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday in Heaven to Daddy

Today I honor the memory of my Dad. His Birthday is today, he would have turned 85.
My Daddy was a son, a husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and a friend. He had a great life! We had a great life with our parents! Wish they were still her, isn't that what we all wish for when we lose our loved ones. My Dad was a Veteran, and a Sheriff's Deputy and he loved our Country. He was a life Member of the VFW. As Tara gets closer to her AF Retirement on February 19th, we all miss him and my Mom more! They were so Proud of Tara! She was the First Grand Child, and the First and only to serve in our Armed Forces. I am Proud to have had him as my Daddy! Love & Miss You and Mom! XO Linda
Photos- 1 is my Mom and Dad in the  40's, Photo 2- Daddy during WW11, Photo 3 is Daddy and my brother Jay and our close family friend Chuck and the last photo is Daddy, me and Prince my Mom's Siamese. He would wait with his paws on the door for her to come home from work. I see my POW MIA bracelet in the photo. I still have that bracelet.As you can see from the photo with my brother we are all huge NASCAR fans too.


  1. Such a great tribute to your father! Wonderful that Tara is carrying on the tradition.

  2. Lovely tribute Linda! Great photos too!

  3. This is a lovely tribute Linda! I know how hard it is missing our Daddy's! Wish I could talk to him even just once in awhile! Loved your photos too!

  4. Linda this is a wonderful tribute. It is so difficult losing a loved one. My father passed away in 1999 and 4 years later my mother died. She had such a broken heart after my Dad passed. He will always be in your heart.


I hope you have a day full of love and blessings! Thanks for stopping by. Linda