Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brrr we were so cold here too! Some images I did in picmonkey

Brrrrr it was cold here too yesterday it was-9 when I got up. Stayed in as I don't work on Monday's. Today it was 34 when I got up, to be 52! What a difference! Tara my daughter in Texas was getting this cold weather too as my family and friends on the EC. I played in picmonkey. I never really knew much about it. I find it fun and easier to do some fun things with photos. I am going to do the yearly membership as I think it will be worth it! Keep toasty! Since it was so cold I did the Holiday and winter designs. Have a great week! XO Linda


  1. Beautiful photos. The Royal feature is totally worth it. Have fun and stay warm:-)

  2. I have done a little experimenting with picmonkey myself, kinda fun...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
    Happy New Year to you.

  3. Hi Linda! Thanks for coming over to say hi! I love PicMonkey, so much fun and EASY! Your altred images are awesome! You should sell them as an instand download on Etsy!

  4. Love the "Snow" pictures!! Burr...it is even cold here in Orlando, going down to 43 tonight...cold for us


  5. Hi Linda! Thank you so much for your visit and lovely comment!
    I haven't been 'visiting' much lately but I always love your blog and beautiful pictures.
    Keep well and warm dear friend!
    Hugs xx

  6. Those are beautiful... I like to use Pixlr.com... you should give that a try, I love it! It is extremely easy-peasy---- and thats how I roll lol
    big hugs,


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