Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday in Heaven Daddy!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!

I miss you so much! My Daddy was a Military man, he served during WW11 and then spent 35 years in the Army Reserve, retiring as a 1Sgt. We grew up with C rations and fatigues. My Dad always brought us home new fatigues (now called BDU). Amazing how when we played outside we loved eating those. Tara even has a set of fatigues that Daddy got her when she was 2. LOL!  My Mom was a Quality Engineer and worked for IBM and they had transferred from Owego, NY to Tucson, they loved Arizona! IBM closed in Tucson so my Mom transferred to Manassas, VA and retired from VA. They lived in Culpeper, VA about 50 miles from Manassas. Before Bob and I were married we flew into Dc and visited with my Mom and Dad for 10 days. VA is a beautiful state! I don't think small town Culpeper was ready for a long haired, long bearded tattoo guy from Colorado!We sure did get a lot of looks. My Dad was also a retired Sheriff's Deputy from our town in NY and the Sheriff had passed away while we were in VA. We drove to NY with Daddy for the funeral. Bob got to meet my Granny and my brothers. We went on Cayuga Lake with Jay and Dad on the big cruiser he had. Bob got to steer it and then we stopped at the Marina restaurant and Bob had his first clams. I am not a seafood lover, so I only had the Genesee 12 Horse Ale. :)
This photo I brought home with me after Daddy passed away last December. I love this photo, he made the perfect US Calvary soldier! But the funny thing is yesterday when I
scanned this photo I saw that you could see my Daddy's pants at the bottom of the photo he had on checked pants- The frame hid his legs. LOL! well it was the 80's!
Again if you are joining the GYB party it ends next weekend.

Have a great week! XO Linda

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Sunday! Vintage Photo Tintype

Happy Sunday!

 If you are involved in the Grow Your Blog Party it is on until next weekend. It has been a lot of fun and I have made some new blog friends! I have scanned a tintype from my family's collection. Can't remember who these are. The scan is pretty good. You may use this for your crafts that youmake, just don't resell the image alone as I own the image.

Also the other photo is one from my Moms items, that I found last year going through Daddy's things. This at one time was a beautiful place. The Pompelli Mansion Owego, NY
I think it is gone now. My Mom always loved that place even in it's run down condition.

Tomorrow I will have a special photo for my Dad's 2nd Birthday in Heaven.

 Next Sunday is Football! Yeah and then NASCAR is not far behind!

Nayla will be 12 on Feb 2nd. I will post her photo next weekend. Tara is recovering from her fall ice skating- left broken wrist and right broken elbow. Hope she can get into a new cast next week and she heals quickly! It has been hard for her, she still can't drive so Derrick is taking her to work. Have a fun week and don't forget to check out more blogs on the Grow Your Blog Party, link is on sidebar and in my post below. XO Linda

Friday, January 18, 2013

Grow Your Blog Party- Hello

Hello and Welcome to the Grow your Blog Party!

Adding this- forgot to say why I started a blog- I went to a blog to help my jewelry business, but now I am more into photo shop and altered art. I still make jewelry and have been selling off my supplies- still have a ton of cameos left to sell. Etsy and Artfire are the places I sell through, though I have a page on my blog. I have made some really good friends blogging and hope to make more.

This will be fun! I am Linda originally from Owego, NY and have lived in Colorado Springs, CO for about 40 years. We have the entire front range to look at and Pikes Peak is always beautiful.

I have been married to Bob for 25 years in Feb., photo on the sidebar. He is a machinist and works at home making tattoo frames and machines for the tattoo industry. I have one daughter Tara and 2 beautiful grand girls. I am a Proud AF Mom and support our troops.

I work at a motorcycle dealership in Colorado Springs, make jewelry from cameos and charms and various arts and crafts. I have always done something craft wise my entire adult life. I was an art major in school and did a lot of oil, acrylic painting and photography. My Etsy shop is on the sidebar link.

 I  have been collecting Vintage Photos and am learning more in photo shop and working to create more altered art and collage. 

I collect various other items old kitchen sifters, rolling pins and old aluminum cookie cutters I do use them for my "famous" rolled butter cookies.

We have 3 darling black kittens, Bob and his brother Merlin are 7 months now and Savannah is 5 months.
Bob is the social cat, he helped the directv technician put in the new dvr, by purring and talking to him. Merlin is the smart one, he tells Bob when he wants the laser light. He is also the one who is on top of the bookcase, tv etc. Savannah is the baby and she has the cutest little short legs, Bob calls her the low rider cat. She keeps up with the boys.
If you did not see the post when we adopted them in October, they were all adopted the same day, Savannah and the boys got along just fine from the moment we took them out of the carriers at home! She chases after them as fast as she can. We have my Sister in Law Laurie's bird feeder and they spend a lot of time in the cat beds watching the birds and chirping at the squirrels. It is hard with the three at once, but they will sit like a dog and then like a squirrel for a cat treat. They are a lot of fun and keep us busy! New photos to follow! They just don't sit still very often for photos!

 I will have 3 giveaways, easy to mail stuff! 3 tea cozies that Bobs Mom Sally and I made, 2 Laurel Burch cat fabrics, (I just love those cats!!) 1 is for a full size tea pot and the other is for a tea for one pot. The blue calico fabric is for a smaller tea pot.

 I made the tags on digital paper from an Etsy shop called the images are from my friend Maureen and her Etsy shop is I have been home sick for a few days this week so I am behind on the tags. They will be finished before I ship.

Let's have a fun party and make some new blog friends! Please comment to enter the giveaways and I will have my husband choose 3 random winners. I will post the winners name here and comment to your blog, you can email me your shipping information. I made an email gadget tonight on the sidebar above Bob.
Comments End Feb 1st for the giveaways! Thanks for stopping by! Linda XO
Also a big Thanks to Vicki of 2 bags Full! She is the hostess of this event!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2 Days home sick! Yuck! But my Vintage Photo order came

Hello Blog friends,

 Me I am home for the second day- I rarely get sick- I know it is not the flu- bad cold and cough. I was miserable yesterday cold all of the time and everything hurt. Today I am sweating, so it is coming out- have to go to work tomorrow and Saturday. I ate something this morning too, so I think I am on the mend- just need to get rid of the cough and runny nose. The weather here hasn't helped much either -1 on Tuesday when I went to work and 54 yesterday. Bob went to the post office and my new Vintage Photo order was there- yeah! Here is a peek of some of the wonderful photos I got from my friend Glenda at, she is from upstate NY so a lot of the photos are from my home area. Shockingly even a few from my small town. Also I found this Vintage Post card on Etsy. I scanned it and printed it out and I am sending it to my Moms cousin- I know it isn't her in the photo- but her nick name is Tootsie, so I thought she would get a kick out of this. It is a beautiful perfect never mailed photo postcard. I scanned it and one as the original and one with sepia. I hope you are all having a great week and feeling healthy! I am a little behind on the grow your blog party that starts Saturday. I have the photos ready for my giveaways, the tags will be finished before I mail them! So do stop back on the 19th to see what's happening with the grow your blog party and comment to be entered in the giveaways.