Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello - Again June was a month of fires!

Happy July-
 It has been quite a summer here- we had winter until mid May and then it went straight to extreme temps and terribly dry. We have had another June of terrible fires! This time it was the Black Forest fire- it was a piece of heaven with towering pines and thickly wooded, even Black Squirrels lived out in the forest. I lived out there in the 70's. The little cabin cottage my brother rented when he was in the Air Force, sadly burned down. The old home that we had when Tara was small survived. Sadly 2 people perished and this year 511 homes also. And me being such an animal lover can't comprehend the number of pets, livestock, deer, squirrels, birds, mice and even bugs that perished. After I read a few of the sad stories in the paper, I could not read anymore. The fire started and exploded so quickly people who were home barely got out, and if you were at work they would not let you back in. So the heartbreak of  lost lives, lost homes, possessions and most of all precious pets. Again we have a mark in History and loss in our hearts in Colorado Springs. We had terrible smoke for days and the more recent smoke was from a fire 150 miles away. At one time we had 9 active fires in Colorado. The West Fork fire will not be out until the fall, unless we get more needed rain! I have been busy at work and trying to get things done at home so I have not been blogging. I will be back later this week. I hope you are all having a great summer!! After 40 years thank goodness the black squirrels have evolved down into Colorado Springs, we have them in our neighborhood! So the fire did not take them all away! I do know several people who lost everything. I mourn their loss, but homes can be replaced, lives can not.
XO Linda

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. I've heard some news here in the UK about these huge fires that you guys get and I really feel for you.

    My goodness, I never even thought about the animals or the loss of loved spaces and places. Such devastation!

    I hope some cool breezes and showers come your way soon xo


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