Monday, April 1, 2013

Merlin on the cat tree- Give away coming!

Happy pretty sunny Monday!

 But not for long, rain and snow again tonight and tomorrow. Seems like we get a few days in the 60's and then snow. But Spring is almost here weather wise anyhow!
 Merlin on the cat tree, the K-3 love it!
I am having a giveaway to coincide with the Victorian Etc issue coming out. I made
a silver angel wing and heart charm necklace. It goes along with the theme of my article on Angels.
I wish you a week full of sunshine and joy!


  1. Merlin is a handsome fella:)

  2. Your beautiful baby is getting big. This was the baby kitty you got awhile ago, right? Oh my! He is so sweet.

  3. What a beauty Merlin is! I just bought another cat tree, I guess you could say we now have a cat tree forest! lol
    big hugs,

  4. Awwww hello Merlin! You are a very handsome fellow!
    I have always wanted one of those cat trees - but I think my own kitties are too old (and plump) for one now!


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