Monday, March 25, 2013

Canning Jar with Stamped Spoon, Lunch with Laurie!

We made this canning jar vase with a stamped Vintage spoon for my boss Darlene for her Birthday on Saturday. It is supposed to be Spring but Saturday looked like the middle of winter here! Her desk looked like a flower garden as everyone got her flowers! The K-3 got a new cat tree- they love it! If the sun comes out I will get a photo. Cold and snow again here! I met Laurie of Button Floozies for lunch a week ago. She is wonderful and we will get together soon again! She brought an Etsy book that she contributed to Etsy 101 by Seve Weber. Thanks again Laurie!!


  1. What a lovely gift for your friend! Lunch was fun (and so yummy!) and I, too, am LONGING for Spring!

  2. Hi Linda,

    Your canning jar is just lovely! What a thoughtful present for your boss. I'm hoping spring gets here soon too :-)

  3. I love alstromaria! So pretty! We are waiting for spring here too!


I hope you have a day full of love and blessings! Thanks for stopping by. Linda