Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy 17th Anniversary to my Daughter Tara!

I thought this was so special what my Daughter Tara and my Son in Law Derrick wrote to each other on facebook today for their 17th Anniversary. From a class that they attended- Tara and Derrick learned that they are a rarity being dual Air Force, active duty and who have remained married. They have had trials and tribulations, yet they are wonderful parents, a great couple, exceptional daughter and son in law and they remain committed to God and this country- though Derrick has retired from active duty- they are truly special and I Love them both dearly and of course my Grand Angels, Ayanna & Nayla are the light of our lives!

After 17 yrs of marriage, a 15 y/o, a 11 y/o, 6 PCS's, 2 deployments (1 more possible), multiple TDY's around the world, 1 retirement, 1 more soon to come, and the only person in the whole world who could put up me is you Derrick! I love you!! Happy Anniversary

‎17 years ago I married someone that has changed my life; everyday I thank GOD for you. I know that it's not always easy, so thank you for putting up with me and all these years... I love you! Happy Anniversary!!!

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  1. Sweet testament to the power of love, and congratulations to them both. My name is Terra, so Tara caught my attention. And thank them both for their service defending our country.


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