Monday, September 10, 2012

September 11, Hope, Peace, Remembrance

As a Military Mom and a normal Patriotic American September 11th is a day I will never forget! Just like our parents and Grand Parents always remembered Pearl Harbor Day. You know where you were and what you were doing. Hoping and Praying for the safety of those trapped in the rubble and the tears and disbelief that something like this could happen again in our great country. We need to Always remember the 2,948 who perished that day and that is why we need to continue our fight against Terrorism! To survive our Country needs a strong economy and a strong Military! I believe we need to Remember, Rebuild and Resolve September 11, 2011. Never Forget! Always in our hearts never forgotten!

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  1. Such an awful tragedy... beyond comprehension really... that someone could even think up doing this just boggles my mind....


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