Monday, August 13, 2012

Jinxie Cat and We had a Flower on our Floating Hyacinth

Hello Everyone- Happy Monday!

 We've had a fair week. Our Jinx cat is sick and our vet is not positive he will survive. He is 99.9% positive Jinx has an infection. The last time he was outside he fought with the cats from the feral cat colony. Out Vet assured us that Jinx is protected by his shots. He said he caught the infection from outside, as he is treating another cat that has the same kind of infection.  Jinx came to us years ago as a stray and he adopted us, mainly Bob as he is Bob's buddy! We have had a lot of cat children over 26 years but Jinx has topped them all! He has a lot of personality and even my in laws laugh when Jinx is outside and I snap my fingers and say get back in the yard as he meow mutters all the way back in. Since he was an outside stray we have had him in the house for years, but he always wanted to be out in the yard or in the garage with Bob. He loved sitting in the grass just breathing the air!
 He never went very far away and always came when called.  We also never let him stay out at night.
As we administer the antibiotics hold him up to eat, drink and hold him in the cat box, through our tears we are hoping he pulls through. Today he seemed a little more active and let Bob hold him. Time will tell if he just has an infection or it is a cancer his shots won't help him with. So let us hope and pray our cat child Jinx will be OK!
2 photos of Jinx when he got a gift from my Cousin Mary in NY. He loves that kitty kicker!

Now for a nice note- our pond plants a floating hyacinth has flowered. This has only happened one other time- so Bob and I were both happy a the sight of this beautiful flower. It is still there this morning as they usually flower and are gone. Our weekend miracle!

 We also have the bird feeder my late sister in law Laurie had. We have an average of 15-20 birds at a time eating. We have 4 sets of ring neck doves too and they are so beautiful! I also have a beautiful bird bath she had. We have this little robin who will tell Bob there is not enough water in the birdbath, as he takes about 5-7 bathes a day!

Well blog friends I hope you have a wonderful week!

XO Linda


I hope you have a day full of love and blessings! Thanks for stopping by. Linda