Friday, August 3, 2012

I want more followers, I need to be a better blogger!

Good Morning,

As I said in an earlier post today! I would love to have 100 followers by November so I can giveaway an awesome project just in time for Christmas Decorating- it is one from an e- class of Nancy Maxwells, so you know it is really cute!
So help me get 100 followers!


  1. Linda .. you blog is fabulous!!! and you will have more than 100 followers by November!!! xo HHL

  2. Linda...your blog is awesome...I agree!!! I'm a follower and your in my log roll too! Grabbing your button!

  3. Blog typing...heehee

  4. Have a look at this, I know this won't happen before the end of the year, but it will help in the future -
    Vicki is a really lovely lady, I adore her and her blog, I think this is a great idea. Check it out.


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