Sunday, August 5, 2012

I found a few bargins at the Antique Mart!

Hello Everyone,

 I went to the American Classics Market Place today with my friend Betty. They are in town for a few days. Betty and her husband Mike are struggling with some serious health problems. She needed a little break so we left Mike with Bob. Bob and Mike have been friends for 50 years! We walked through and enjoyed looking at the antiques and collectibles! Pointing out things that our Moms and Grand Parents had. I found a few things, some almost perfect Vintage Photo cabinet cards, tea stained doilies, a little dress and a moon cookie cutter and jello mold. The cookie cutter goes with some Halloween ones I got for my friend Sandy for her BD in Oct. Then we came back and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Mike is on the liver transplant list and Betty will be having some surgery to help her scoliosis. They are dear friends and are in our prayers for a full recovery! We did have a nice day! Photos of my purchases and another rainbow from a week ago. XO Linda

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  1. You bought some cute things. Love that baby petticoat. It was made to go under a dress.
    I shall keep your friends in prayer. Hugs xx


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