Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Sunday and After the Waldo Canyon Fire Photos

Happy Sunday!

  Jinx is holding his own, we are holding out for another week to see if he gets any better. Our vet Dr G. said to do what we feel is best. We will only let him go if he can't recover!

  I took some photos today of the front range after the Waldo Canyon Fire. You can see how it was on the ridge and where it came down. You also can see above the Garden of the Gods Kissing Camels rocks where it was on the ridge. If you look at the photo of the rocks on the left top- you can barely see why it is called "Kissing Camels" We were so lucky it did not destroy the Garden of the Gods park! It goes north and west further than what my photos show. I took these from the same spot from the beginning to the end from Coronado High School where Tara went to school. If you looked at the photos in a previous post, you can see the difference. The beauty is still there, just not as beautiful as it was! Good News for the people who lost their homes, they are getting the OK to rebuild.

 I hope you have a beautiful Sunday and a great week!

XO Linda


  1. That was a powerful fire, thanks for the photos. I hope Jinx holds on.

  2. So sad to see all that beautiful wilderness destroyed. Colorado is so pretty. Special furbaby prayers for Jinx.


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