Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Please Pray for Colorado Springs and our Surrounding Communities!

The fire has raged out of control and is now burning structures in Colorado Springs. Evacuations are from Garden of the Gods Road North to the AF Academy and East to I-25 and Woodmen. About 32,000 or more are evacuated just in the last few hours today! The smoke is choking the whole area and north towards Denver. The entire mountain side is on fire. We are watching it live on http://www.kktv.com/  feed- Waldo Canyon Fire and it makes you cry. Flying W Ranch is gone and I am sure a house we bought new when Tara was small is possibly gone or close to going. Tara and I were talking on the phone while they watched the live feed. We were both crying as we watched peoples homes and dreams going up in flames! I hope you all pray for us all in Colorado Springs and our surrounding communities as now a lot of lives have been affected and businesses too!

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  1. I pray that God will send rain to put out the fires; this is very distressing to everyone watching and waiting, as your post mentions. People's hopes and dreams are on the line. Stay safe Colorado friends.


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