Monday, May 7, 2012

Vintage Photo for You!

Here is a new Vintage Photo I picked up today. You may use for your artwork but not sell the image in this form. That is some big hat she has on!
Another Birthday gone by. I did have a good day, I made sure I did! I went to Kohls and used my gift cards! It rained today so I went to the indoor antique mart and looked around. It snowed depending on what elevation you live at, Colorado our weather changes quickly! 84 on Saturday to 40 today!

It was another hard week though as one of our family friends we hired as a home health care worker to take care of Daddy in his last weeks passed away on April 27th. Jenny was a very kind and wonderful person and was diagnosed on January 1st with a form of liver cancer the doctors saying little or no hope for her. Despite all of the prayers and hope,  she passed away. I saw her at Daddy's funeral and thought she was thin, but at that time in December they still had not figured out what was wrong with her. Her funeral was on Monday and then on the 4th of May was Daddy's burial. My brothers were very close to Jenny. I had not seen  her for a long time. 

My brothers said the weather cleared up and it was sunny in PA where Daddy is now at Peace and Resting with Mom forever and ever. Many of my family members are all buried there in PA. I am glad that Daddy is there now. The cemetery was closed until May for the winter so that is why we could not do the cemetery while I was home in December. My first Birthday without any parents and I did make it! I hope you all have a great week! I will have another photo up for Mother's Day, that I purchased today too. So do check back, it is a fun photo!

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  1. That is good you bought birthday gifts with your gift cards at Kohls, and made it through the day. The photo of the lady and her tall hat is handsome.


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