Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day a Time to Reflect

Memorial Day!

A day to reflect, remember and honor our living and dead. Thanks for your service  to my Daddy, my brother Jay, my Great Uncle Freddy, Tara and Derrick. Past & Present. I am going to the Hospice Butterfly Release with Mom Sally and Papa today. They will read my Sister in Law Laurie's name  among the countless others and the Pikes Peak Hospice said they would read my Daddy's too, then they will release butterflies. Since I could not go to NY earlier this month when they buried Daddy's ashes with Mom, this is my closure. It is this morning and at a beautiful garden shop that has an event center on the grounds. I will get some photos to share later.
Photos Daddy 2nd from front VFW Post 1371 Owego, NY he was a 50+ year life member, Daddy & Mom VFW Post 1371 Owego, NY. Tara McCraw in her early AF Career serving with the Honor Guard, Tara and Derrick more recently. Derrick just retired from 20 years of active duty AF. Tara and Derrick are also Life Members of Post 1371 Owego, NY. My Daddy loved serving his country! Thanks to all who serve, served and who are lost to us from wars, you are in my heart. The first time I saw the Vietnam Memorial. I felt awe, grief and thankfulness! I rubbed the names of my MIA bracelets and took a photo of where
they were on the wall. I have a place of honor on a table for my MIA bracelets and other Military Memorabilia.



  1. Thank you for sharing about your heroes. Have a peaceful day.

  2. You are good to honor your heroes and share their stories and photos with us. I see that Tara and I almost share a name. Terra

  3. My first visit to the wall I was awe struck. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I walked along the wall and read all those names and looked for friends from high school that never came home. Thanks for sharing. My dad is a proud veteran of WW11.


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