Monday, May 28, 2012

Hillside Gardens Pikes Peak Hospice Butterfly Release Memorial Day 2012

I had a beautiful day today. I went to the Pikes Peak Hospice Memorial Day Butterfly Release. For me this was closure of my Daddy passing away. His ashes were buried on May 4th in PA where all of my ancestors are buried. I could not go. Today was a gorgeous, cloudless sky and warm temps! I went with Bobs Mom Sally and Aunt Peggy. When you walk into this beautiful nursery/garden shop you feel instantly the safe and beautiful haven you are in. And just for a moment you forget any troubles or problems and feel the peacefulness. When we got there you checked in to give them the names of your loved on or in some cases loved ones to be read. The music was calming and beautiful. Before the names were read, the stones and water were blessed. As each name was read and the gong rang, the Chaplain held up and placed the stone in the water. Once all of the names were read the butterflies were released. They flew all around us and one landed on my arm. I got a photo though it is blurry, it was a special gift from Heaven for me from Daddy, Mom and Laurie! A few people had them land on them and most of them just flew around. I took some photos of them on the flowers too. Her are my photos. Have a blessed day! This garden shop oasis has the special events pavilion where we were and it is in the middle of downtown. A hidden oasis!

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  1. Oh what a beautiful experience. Glad that you found peace and serenity at this lovely event. Peace and blessings.


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