Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! A New Vintage Photo for you!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Mother's Day weekend! Here is a cute photo I found at the Antique Mart on Monday. The woman is Mary Lawler and the date on the back of the photo is June 23, 1943. It reminds me of my Great Grandmother's Farm and the photo could be any of our Moms or Grandmas from that time period. It is for you to use in your artwork! I hope you are all doing something special tomorrow. We are going to Bobs Mom and Dads for a barbecue.


  1. I'm glad this pretty photo has a name and date on the back. I see so many old photos that are unmarked and can't help wonder about who they are and how they ended up for sale.
    Happy Mother's Day to you too:-)

  2. It IS good to see a name and date on the back of the photo. We've been going through lots of my hubby's family photos and so many are blank on the back-so unsure of who they are. So sad.
    I hope you're Mother's Day is a blessed one, Linda.


I hope you have a day full of love and blessings! Thanks for stopping by. Linda