Sunday, March 11, 2012

Free Vintage Photo for your Art!

Hello Blogging Friends,

 I have been busy! I was in Texas for my Son in Laws Air Force Retirement and had a really good time! Look at my Grand Angels new photo! They have grown a lot! Ayanna is 5'5" and Nayla is quickly catching me at 4' 10", man only 2" to go and she is my height! We wear the same size shoes, I left her a pair, darn! I should have grabbed her coach tennies!LOL! I was flying with Tara's Dad my former husband and when we were flying out of San Antonio they went through his medications and pulled him aside. I sat there waiting for him. The TSA agent was really nice and then he asked Eric if he was traveling with his wife and he said no, my ex wife. LOL! He sure got a big laugh out of that one and sent Eric on through. So I made someones day! I finished my Dad's flag case and I think it looks good. Work has been busy, people are buying motorcycles and this week where I work we had a wonderful week for parts and mc sales! It is to be 71 here on Tuesday but in Colorado you never know! It can be 70 and then snow at 4. Here is a Vintage Photo for you to use in your artwork, the photo may not be sold in this format as I own the image, you may sell it in an altered form but not on a collage sheet. I am listing some items on the blog forsale and in my Etsy shop too. I will post the photos.


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