Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Ground hog Day! Happy Birthday to Nayla my Grand Angel!

Good Morning!

   Happy Groundhog Day! Well it looks like 6 more weeks of Winter. But I will ask Nayla tonight when we call her for her Birthday. We may see 1-3" before I come home from work- yuck! Here is a photo of Nayla she is 11 today- she is going to be short like me.... Here is the
Titanic Themed Box I made for her Birthday. She just got her hair cut and looks like they were shoe shopping when Tara sent this.

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  1. What a lovely little granddaughter! She looks beautiful with her new hair cut! I wonder if she picked out shoes with a bit of pink on them like her blouse and sweatshirt have? Pink is my favorite, too, Nayla!

    Such a wonderful age and a beautiful young lady! Please send on our best wishes for a wonderful birthday, even though a bit late!



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