Monday, January 9, 2012

Playing with Elements 10 Great Great Aunt Jennie

I found this photo yesterday of my Great Great Aunt Jennie Rice O'Ree This is a copy as I do not know where the original is- this is the only known photo of her at a young age. I was looking for something in my family tree files and found this treasure! They had a terrible life as their Mother remarried after she was widowed and had to give up her children. So I thought this collage , I could make Jennie happy as it gave her wings to fly away. Remember I am still in the baby stages learning photoshop so as always my creations are far from perfect!


  1. I totally LOVE this Linda!!!!

    sweet regards

  2. Oh WOW, you did a fabulous job! This is a gorgeous collage! You know what your story reminded me of? Remember when Jenny in Forrest Gump said she wished she had wings so she could fly far, far away? It made me think of that story and how perfect the wings are! xo Cindy

  3. Thanks so much Cindy!
    Hugs from me!

  4. This is so pretty. Gosh Linda, you are really talented...and you are a beginner?????
    Hope you are doing well.

  5. Linda; This was such a touching made me weep for both your aunt and her mother. Her mother's heart must have broken not be able to keep her children. In those days as we know, women had little say in their lives. Your tribute page is fabulous and the wings are a perfect symbol! xo HHL

  6. You are so right! My Great Grandmother also had a hard life and recently I found a photo of their Mother. I will do something with that one soon. Life was hard in those days- I am so glad we have come so far at least here in the USA anyhow.
    Thanks Mary too! Yes I am still learning photoshop so much to learn!

  7. What a lovely collage and a touching story.
    Thank you for sharing with us
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  8. What a lovely artful use of space with color.
    I really like this one---and it's sweet to think she needed wings back there, and here they are for us to watch her fly away with.
    Reminds me of that old tune ....."I'll fly away..."

  9. Hi Linda,
    Now you know what to do with the Frozen Charlotte dolls!! lol The other thing that's awesome is those Altoid tins--they're amazing to put those in. XO Cindy

  10. Great photo and what you have done with it is fab too
    hugs June x

  11. So very lovely! I became a follower as well:)


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