Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! Opportunity for Magazine Ads, and more

Happy New Year to all of my blog friends!

This year has passed quickly! Is it me or does time seem to go by faster as we get older!?
 For 2013 I am hoping to be more creative, spend more time crafting and blogging. I am also going to be an editor for Victorian Etc magazine. It is an online magazine and we have a lot of
followers and readers. I will be posting more about this soon. It will be 2 issues this year and I will have a small box ads for sale in my section. I was also hoping if someone would would want to showcase their artwork, Etsy store, blog or both would be interested in doing an article.

We ran our last errands for 2012! Yeah! Got the important wine for me and beer for Bob. Stopped and shipped the last orders for 2012 and grocery shopped. It is snowing here a little but who knows what tonight will bring- just maybe we can see the fireworks on top of Pikes Peak if we can stay awake and the clouds clear out.

Last for this year- say a healing prayer for my Tara! They went ice skating and as she was getting off the ice a little kid cut her off and she lost her balance. She broke her left elbow and her right wrist. Needless to say she is pretty helpless right now. Derrick and the girls are taking good care of her.

XO Linda

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas!

 We had a great day! Met our new 18 day old Grand Nephew, Urijah Anderson Schooley. He is so tiny! Bob's sister would be so Proud! We know she is watching over her only Grandson! Our Kitties had a lot of fun, just like little kids paper was a big draw! I wish you all much happiness!
Papa with Grimm, Bob with Andy & Urijah, Sara, Andy, Urijah & Mom Sally, Bob's Mom with Urijah- I did see a little tear- our first Christmas for me without Laurie as last year I was gone for my Daddy. We made it through and only had happy thoughts and memories.
Happy New Year! Let us Hope and Pray for Peace, Health and Prosperity!

XO Linda

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy 17th Anniversary to my Daughter Tara!

I thought this was so special what my Daughter Tara and my Son in Law Derrick wrote to each other on facebook today for their 17th Anniversary. From a class that they attended- Tara and Derrick learned that they are a rarity being dual Air Force, active duty and who have remained married. They have had trials and tribulations, yet they are wonderful parents, a great couple, exceptional daughter and son in law and they remain committed to God and this country- though Derrick has retired from active duty- they are truly special and I Love them both dearly and of course my Grand Angels, Ayanna & Nayla are the light of our lives!

After 17 yrs of marriage, a 15 y/o, a 11 y/o, 6 PCS's, 2 deployments (1 more possible), multiple TDY's around the world, 1 retirement, 1 more soon to come, and the only person in the whole world who could put up me is you Derrick! I love you!! Happy Anniversary

‎17 years ago I married someone that has changed my life; everyday I thank GOD for you. I know that it's not always easy, so thank you for putting up with me and all these years... I love you! Happy Anniversary!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little Candle Jars I made for Work Gifts

Happy Almost Christmas!
 I made these little  jars with photos from Etsy- My friend Maureen from and they
both have beautiful images. I bought the little led battery tea lights, used glaze and glitter for the image and then put the mica flakes snow in the jars. The one jar has cotton as it is going to a household with a small child- thought that would be safer. I have baked over 250 cookies so far, made 4 batches of the family toffee recipe, 10 batches of my popcorn drizzled with candy melts and 60 red velvet cake balls. WHEW! I have to bake again on Sunday for Bobs family as cookies are part of their Christmas gifts. Then I have a week off from work to get a few things done! Have a wonderful week! XO Linda

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Remembering my Daddy

Remembering my Daddy today. It hard to believe you have been gone a year now!
You and Mom are always in my heart and I miss you both so much!
This was their engagement photo and the one we used for their 50th Anniversary. It was my Moms favorite.  It was taken at my Great Grandmother's Farm in Binghamton, NY.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Etsy Shop Sale

Hello Blogging Friends-
Filing my Etsy Shop full of wonderful Cameos and More-

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day!

Thanks to all Veterans who serve and have served this great nation!
I want to Thank my Daughter Tara Msgt USAF, Derrick my son in law Msgt USAF (retired)
and in honor and Memory of my Daddy Willard (Bill) US Army 1sgt (retired)

Monday, October 8, 2012

We went to the Humane Society and brought home....

Hello Blog Friends,

   Our home has been so quiet and lonely for us since we had to put down Mr Jinxie Cat.
At work they kept saying we needed to get a kitty. Dana looked up on the Humane Society page and saw a kitten named Bob. She sent the photo to my Bob. He called and said can you take a lunch? We went over and brought home Bob, we kept his name. Merlin his brother, we changed his name and an itty bitty peanut we named Savannah. The boys are 5 months old and Miss Savannah will be 3 months old this month. I got them Halloween Costumes today, needless to say they were not exactly thrilled. They do like their photos taken though. We have not had a kitten since we were first together 26 years ago. This has been quite an experience. We have had to kitten proof. They are so much fun and they both like Savannah. They go to bed with us and get up when we do. I am glad we got to save three kitties from the pound! Here are their photos. Bob is all black, Merlin is black with the white bib and paws and well Savannah is the peanut. We brought in the sleeping bag to put over the loveseat, to help with the digging. The like to lay on it.

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!
 We sure miss you and love you! Daddy is now celebrating your birthday in Heaven with you!
 XO Linda

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tickets Collage Sheet

  It's train theme this month at Victorian Etc magazine-
  My tickets collage are ready for you to print and create! The watermark will not be on
  the copy you receive. No shipping it is an email attachment! print as many as you want!
It will be a full size attachement $2.50

Our Jinxie Cat

I am sad to tell you all that while I was in NY Bob had to put our Jinxie Cat down.
He could not get up anymore. It was strange when I got home tonight not to have our darling cat child waiting for me! RIP dear Kitty! I have shed many tears! Jinx was a very special cat and will always hold a special place in our hearts! Since he was a stray we do not know his exact age we figured about 13.

                                                           Jinx Pflum   September 28, 2012



Monday, September 10, 2012

September 11, Hope, Peace, Remembrance

As a Military Mom and a normal Patriotic American September 11th is a day I will never forget! Just like our parents and Grand Parents always remembered Pearl Harbor Day. You know where you were and what you were doing. Hoping and Praying for the safety of those trapped in the rubble and the tears and disbelief that something like this could happen again in our great country. We need to Always remember the 2,948 who perished that day and that is why we need to continue our fight against Terrorism! To survive our Country needs a strong economy and a strong Military! I believe we need to Remember, Rebuild and Resolve September 11, 2011. Never Forget! Always in our hearts never forgotten!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Halloween Themed Collage and Jinx update

Happy Almost Fall! Jinx is about the same. As long as he is eating and using his kitty box we are going to let him hang in there. He doesn't seem to be in pain. He can't jump up on the bed so when he comes to the door he cries for someone to lift him up. He is up and down 2-3 times a night. Feels like we have a baby in the house. We do love this cat child so much that we are going to great lengths to keep him. Dr. G said to see what happens. Of course after keeping us up most of the night, he is now sleeping peacefully in his cat bed.

I made this Vintage Photo Halloween collage. I listed it in my Etsy Shop as a digital download. The photo is from a company that I buy images from, the elements are cu from Etsy.

Have a great week!
Hugs! Linda

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Sunday and After the Waldo Canyon Fire Photos

Happy Sunday!

  Jinx is holding his own, we are holding out for another week to see if he gets any better. Our vet Dr G. said to do what we feel is best. We will only let him go if he can't recover!

  I took some photos today of the front range after the Waldo Canyon Fire. You can see how it was on the ridge and where it came down. You also can see above the Garden of the Gods Kissing Camels rocks where it was on the ridge. If you look at the photo of the rocks on the left top- you can barely see why it is called "Kissing Camels" We were so lucky it did not destroy the Garden of the Gods park! It goes north and west further than what my photos show. I took these from the same spot from the beginning to the end from Coronado High School where Tara went to school. If you looked at the photos in a previous post, you can see the difference. The beauty is still there, just not as beautiful as it was! Good News for the people who lost their homes, they are getting the OK to rebuild.

 I hope you have a beautiful Sunday and a great week!

XO Linda

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jinxie Cat and We had a Flower on our Floating Hyacinth

Hello Everyone- Happy Monday!

 We've had a fair week. Our Jinx cat is sick and our vet is not positive he will survive. He is 99.9% positive Jinx has an infection. The last time he was outside he fought with the cats from the feral cat colony. Out Vet assured us that Jinx is protected by his shots. He said he caught the infection from outside, as he is treating another cat that has the same kind of infection.  Jinx came to us years ago as a stray and he adopted us, mainly Bob as he is Bob's buddy! We have had a lot of cat children over 26 years but Jinx has topped them all! He has a lot of personality and even my in laws laugh when Jinx is outside and I snap my fingers and say get back in the yard as he meow mutters all the way back in. Since he was an outside stray we have had him in the house for years, but he always wanted to be out in the yard or in the garage with Bob. He loved sitting in the grass just breathing the air!
 He never went very far away and always came when called.  We also never let him stay out at night.
As we administer the antibiotics hold him up to eat, drink and hold him in the cat box, through our tears we are hoping he pulls through. Today he seemed a little more active and let Bob hold him. Time will tell if he just has an infection or it is a cancer his shots won't help him with. So let us hope and pray our cat child Jinx will be OK!
2 photos of Jinx when he got a gift from my Cousin Mary in NY. He loves that kitty kicker!

Now for a nice note- our pond plants a floating hyacinth has flowered. This has only happened one other time- so Bob and I were both happy a the sight of this beautiful flower. It is still there this morning as they usually flower and are gone. Our weekend miracle!

 We also have the bird feeder my late sister in law Laurie had. We have an average of 15-20 birds at a time eating. We have 4 sets of ring neck doves too and they are so beautiful! I also have a beautiful bird bath she had. We have this little robin who will tell Bob there is not enough water in the birdbath, as he takes about 5-7 bathes a day!

Well blog friends I hope you have a wonderful week!

XO Linda