Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! Jinx in his Halloween Collar and a Steam Train

Happy Halloween!

 We are having a beautiful sunny day here! Here is a special steam engine train that came to town a historical steam engine- my brother is a big train buff and he was thrilled that I took photos- He told me the history of the train. Jinx was looking regal in his Halloween Collar today, he's ready for the treats!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy 125th Birthday to Lady Liberty!

Isn't it awesome that something so special to us in the USA is 125 years old today! I was thinking this morning of what the immigrants who came to our country in the 1800's thought of that special statue standing in the harbor, and what it may have meant to them. Freedom, Salvation, a whole new life? Today I was wondering what my Great Grandmother on my Moms side thought when she saw that beautiful symbol.
She came from Austria at the age of 15 and traveled alone- traveling by ship in those days and being so young besides, must have posed some terror and excitement at the same time! I also have ship records for cousins on my Grandmothers side who came at the age of 3 from England. If you get a username and password you can go to the Ellis Island Foundation and find records of your own ancestors. You can also log into and trace your family tree. My Mom went back 10 generations on my Dads side, a lot of interesting reading and I have all of that valuable information. I hope you all are having a great day!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sonya won my Angels for Irene Giveaway!

Thanks for entering my Angels for Irene Giveaway!
My husband drew Sonya from his hat! She has already answered my
email! I will have something special up soon! So keep checking!


A beautiful day for our Memorial Balloons and Laurie's Celebration of Life!

Hello Blog Friends,

We had a beautiful day for our Memorial Balloons for my Mom and Uncle Bert and we also Celebrated Laurie's Life today. We did the Balloons at Nancy Lewis Park here in  Colorado Springs and then had a luncheon at my Mother and Father in laws. It was really nice and everyone loved the Memorial Card I made for Laurie- I used photo shop and the My Memories Suite software. I laminated them and think they turned out great. The balloons go up so fast I barely got these photos this year! Not a cloud in the sky! Hard to believe they  are calling for snow on Wed.! We watched the balloons until we could not see them anymore!
Lavender for Mom and Laurie, Yellow for Uncle Bert. A monarch butterfly for Uncle Bert and the Purple Butterflies 1 for Mom and 1 for Laurie! A beautiful day for remembering those we love!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Dear Sister in Law Laurie Passed Away 10/11/11

My Dear Sister in Law Laurie has ended her battle with cancer, she has won!
She is at Peace, No Pain anymore! She is with God and the Angels!
She passed away tonight 10/11/11 at 7:30 PM
She is like me- hates getting her picture taken- Here are her 50th Birthday Party Photos
and one of when we did our Balloons for Mom and Uncle Bert. My Husband Bob on the right and Ron the baby brother on the left. I (we) will miss her a lot!
Rest in Peace Dear Laurie- Hug My Mom and Uncle Bert! 09/09/1959- 10/11/11

Monday, October 10, 2011

I made this today from My Memories Suite & Photo Shop

I bought this program that Cindy Adkins had on her blog- I played a little in photoshop and the program My Memories Suite V2 and this is what I created.

I took these photos today - there is snow in the high country!

I took these photos a little while ago down at the park. My camera has a really nice zoom-
I hope you are all having a great day! Pikes Peak and some of the front range, you can still see a little gold from the Aspen Trees. I also changed my photo- I got my hair done today and we cut a lot off- my husband Bob is still out on it-

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom, Angels for Irene Giveaway Add on!

Happy Birthday to my Mom! 81 how I wish you were still here! You have been gone for 6 years this month! I (we) miss you so much! Always Loved Never Forgotten! Here is the additional gift for my Angels for Irene Giveaway! Just leave a comment to be entered! My dear Sister in Law Laurie still needs your prayers, she is fading away daily. End Date for entering is the 22nd of October- drawing the 23rd.

Angels for Irene, Copper Ox Pendant with Bail and Chain, Kissing Angels Hand applied fired decal cameo by Linda-
Mom & Dad 50th Anniversary