Monday, October 10, 2011

I made this today from My Memories Suite & Photo Shop

I bought this program that Cindy Adkins had on her blog- I played a little in photoshop and the program My Memories Suite V2 and this is what I created.


  1. A lovely picture Linda. I'd like to know what you think of the new package. I was more than a little disappointed. Every time they show a new kit you have to buy it. We might as well stay in Photoshop. Just my opinion. Hugs Jubne xx

  2. Hi June,

    I used it to put everything in and the only thing I used from the software was the scroll. I did use my store credit for 2 kits. I am not really good with any of the programs yet as I am still learning. I bought 2 kits from a designer that I have bought from on a few other sites. I will let you know more later when I try some more.
    Hugs! Linda

  3. I have never used Photo Shop or Memories Suite but maybe I'll give it a try because the image you created is lovely:)

  4. Mary Ann,
    Hi! Thanks I will be trying some more when I can through the week.
    If you go to the shabby chic girls club button
    on the right side of my blog- you can save 10.00 on the download- that is what I did- then they give you 10.00 so I bought 2 kits and paid the difference of 3 bucks and some change.
    Have a great day!


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