Sunday, September 4, 2011

Colorado Labor Day Balloon Classic Photos from Home & the Park

What a beautiful morning! It was clear, cool and sunny and the Balloons got to take off this morning. Yesterday was cancelled due to wind- If we are lucky again tomorrow I will take some more photos, they do not usually come North, so it was special for us! I took some beautiful photos and will share some of them on the blog- Jinx did not like the balloons, the noise or having them in the sky! He has been slinking about all morning and looking out the back door before going out on the deck. I will be off the blog for 2 weeks- so be sure to keep adding comments to the Angels for Irene giveaway- I will check if I can from my brother's house. My Dad was in the hospital yet again and is going home today. The Shanksville trip is off due to his health. I hope we can go to the Memorial that our town will have for 9/11. For all of my blog friends that were in the Irene & Lee disaster I hope you are ok! My thoughts and prayers are out for you! Let us never forget 09/11! We must remain committed and vigilant to keep this great country safe! Have a safe and Happy Labor Day and a safe 2 weeks! See you after the 20th! The last balloon we saw looked like our late Parrot Toto! It made us feel good as when it first was coming towards the house the face was on the otherside and it turned around and there was the Toto face!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is feeling better:) I love the parrot baloon...very cool.


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