Monday, August 15, 2011

Listed some new finished jewelry on the jewelry page, free Vintage photo

I listed some new cameo and finished jewelry designs on the finished jewelry page on the top of the blog, check it out!
Here is a Vintage Photo I came across today. I worked on scanning photos of my Great Great Grandmother, my Great Grandmother and my Great Great Grandfather and the house my
Great Grandmother had in Hallstead PA. I am meeting up with some cousins that are from my Great Grandmother's Sister's side, in September while I am in New York. They did not have any photos of these relatives. My Mom had worked for years on the Family Tree she went back 10 generations on my Dad's side the Sacketts. I took the photos to documart for printing on a nice light cardstock.
 As long as my Daddy feels as good as he is now, we are going to another cousins home in PA and going to Shanksville for the 10th Anniversary of Flight 93. As you all know being a Military Parent and my Patriotic upbringing, going there for the anniversary will be a very moving experience for me. I will post photos from my trip when I get back. As for now I will list my October giveaway. An Angel for Irene. My Mom's Birthday and Death was in Oct. so October is Angels month for me. I may add another Angel item before October. So please leave a comment on the Angel for Irene Post and make sure I have an email to contact you.
Have a wonderful week! Feel free to use the photo in your art work, a credit to my blog would be wonderful.

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