Sunday, June 26, 2011

Renaissance Festival Today Hot but Fun!

We went to the 35th Annual Renaissance Festival today. It is very hot here! 93!
There was a little breeze so we did not just die from the heat, just almost! Here are a few photos, my husband Bob and photos from the Procession. It was Celtic Theme this weekend so a lot of bagpipes and I just love bagpipes! Wish we could've stayed longer but you can only stay outside in the sun for so long! Oh and the photo of our pond frog- he was peeking up early this morning so I took a quick photo!

Of course the Knights of the Realm are my favorites! Too hot to stay and watch the Jousting, but I have seen it for many years, so I was ok with missing it this time! There is just something about a guy on a horse in armor though! LOL!

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  1. I love the Renaissance festival! Ours comes each May but sadly, this year the heat and early humidity kept me from going. Thank you so much for sharing your photos!


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