Monday, April 25, 2011

My Mother's Day & Birthday Giveaway!

Yeah! Bob my husband drew Mitz out of the hat!!
I emailed her and told her she is the winner!
Thanks I will have something up for June.

April Showers, Bring May Flowers, my Birthday & Mother's Day

It's almost my Birthday and Mother's Day. I miss my Mom every day of my life and Mother's Day and my Birthday are the hardest for me even at my age. 5 years she has been gone, seems like a lifetime! I still give cards and gifts to the special people in my life- Tara my daughter, is a great Mom and a Msgt in the USAF. She is my heroine as she works everyday to serve our Great Country and she does have sacrifices she has to make every day. She makes me so Proud! This photo is at the ceremony dinner party when she got her line number for her Msgt Promotion
Now for my giveaway.
This month is a beautiful cameo pendant with 2 roses. Brass ox beaded edge setting and chain.
Leave me a comment with a favorite memory of your Mom. Closes on May 4th, be sure to answer me asap so I can ship it out.
I have so many memories of my Mom- I talked to her everyday, sometimes twice in one day! She was a great Ebayer and some of her old glassie friends still keep in touch. She was also my biggest fan. When we lived in NY for 4 years, my Mom and I did a lot of craft shows and she was creating steampunk before it was popular. We had a lot of fun! I do miss her a lot!

Snow, Rain on Easter and Today! Vintage Photos to download

It is Monday! Here is a beautiful Lady Vintage Photo and an impsih little boy. I do believe it is a little boy- so darn cute! as always you can use these for yourself or create something to sell, just not the actual image itself.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tea Today in Canon City

Hi All,

Today my friend Janet in the photo (I have known her since I was 18) and I went to Canon City, Colorado, about 50 miles from here. We had Tea and lunch, at the Canon City Queen Anne. What a beautiful old Victorian! I also have a photo of Pikes Peak I took this morning after I got gas, we had some snow but only on the grass. The Apple Blossoms were beautiful too- The finger food was delicious too! Janet had a Jasmine Green Tea and I had a Chocolate Turtle Tea. What a fun day for us!
I hope you all had a great day!