Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Vintage Photos Family, Children and Artistic Photo Back

Free Vintage Photo Download
Copy and save to your computer. The photos are all from my personal collection. Free to use for personal use or to sell in combination with your artwork only. Have you ever looked at the back of some of the old photos the studios had wonderful artwork. The back of one of the photos is included in this lot of downloads.


  1. Beautiful thank you.
    thanks also for letting me know I had won a beautiful rhinestone heart.i am over the moon, as soon as i saw your gorgeous work i knew i would love to own one.

    Hugs June x

  2. Thank you for sharing--I love the baby photos!

  3. PS--your granddaughters are just beautiful! Aren't grandchildren just so wonderful? I would send you an email but my computer won't go to email when I click on it on the blogger profiles--so I don't know what the actual email address is unless it's printed out there; however, if you ever feel like writing, my email address is on my profile page!

  4. So often I love the reverse better than the actual photo!

  5. How lovely! I agree, the backs are often so pretty! Thanks!


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